Disney to rent movies through Xbox Live

Microsoft and Disney have partnered up to offer rentable movies through Xbox Live.

Philips Bluetooth music system supports cellphone calls

Chicago (IL) – Philips has received FCC approval for a compact, portable music system that integrates Bluetooth wireless connectivity: The device not only allows you to use wireless earphones to listen to music, it also enables you to make phone calls right from the couch.  

Fitness was not on Nintendo's mind when Wii launched

Wii Fit is essentially the brain child of overzealous fans that turned the Wii into a virtual workout machine.

E3: Sony, Microsoft stuck in the now, Nintendo already in the future

Opinion – We have listened to the visions of each of the three game console companies out there and the information begins to sink in. While we always have to wait how each strategy will actually work in reality, I am fairly sure that Sony will soon be in big trouble in a market that is rapidly changing. Microsoft is caught in a trap of compromises and Nintendo will define our future of video gaming. Here’s why.

E3 media briefing: Sony goes for the overkill

Opinion - Sony had something new to say about the PSP, PS3, and Playstation Network, but instead of being blown away by all the stuff that was shown, it felt like a bunch of mildly upgraded content was being shoved down the audience's throat.

E3 media briefing: Nintendo innovates but stays the course

As the company with the most momentum in this hardware cycle, Nintendo was able to just focus on new games that fit the mold it has created with the Wii and DS.

E3 2007 VIDEO: Sony shows off Metal Gear Solid 4

In what may be one of the most violent game demonstrations at this year’s E3, Sony showed off battle footage from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

E3 2007 VIDEO: Sony demos PAIN

Taking joy from the misfortunes of others is the name of Sony’s upcoming PAIN game for the PlayStation 3 console.

E3 2007 VIDEO: Sony announces thinner, lighter PSP

Santa Monica (CA) – Folllowing the recent price drop of the Playstation Portable, Sony will be introducing an updated mobile game console, which is considerably more compact and comes with new features such as high-quality video output.

E3 2007 VIDEO: Nintendo transforms Wii into a workout center

Santa Monica (CA) – Nintendo’s ideas to reach new customers for its Wii game console have added another direction today: The company introduced the WiiFit software and the Wii Balance Board which effectively create a virtual workout center in front of your TV.   In pictures: Wii Fit (9 slides) ...  

E3 2007 VIDEO: Nintendo brings back the Light Gun

Santa Monica (CA) – Nintendo unveiled a new gun-like housing for the Wii remote at its E3 2007 press briefing in Santa Monica today.  Vaguely resembling the company’s signature lightgun from the original Nintendo console days, the Wii Zapper will combine the remote and nunchuck into a single gun.

One more Gran Turismo teaser from Sony

Update 3: E3 2007 game announcements and lineup

It can be difficult keeping up with all the latest game announcements and anticipated release dates, but we've put them into a single table for your reading pleasure. Update 3: Complete lineup of Electronic Arts added.

Samsung to launch second dual-format blue-laser disc player in Q4 07

E3 2007 VIDEO: Halo theme music acoustic style

While Microsoft did not have any earth-shattering news at their E3 press briefing, the symphonic rendition of the Halo theme music was among the highlights of the event.

Getting schooled: Microsoft's unusual E3 location

It's still a mystery to us why the world's richest company decided to hold its landmark E3 press conference at a local high school.

Microsoft goes after Wii, PS3 territory

Amid the regurgitation of Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV, Microsoft showed a lineup of stuff designed to spread the horizons of the Xbox 360 at last night's E3 event.

Microsoft to release Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360

Santa Monica (CA) – Expectations are running high for the launch of Halo 3 in September – and Microsoft will be supporting the launch of the game, which the company believes has the same impact on entertainment as did Star Wars 30 years ago, with a special edition Xbox 360 console.      

Microsoft to bring Disney movie library to Xbox Live Marketplace

Microsoft continues to expand the family room appeal of its Xbox 360 console and announced that it will begin offering Disney’s movie portfolio in standard and high definition through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

E3: Sony to release new Metal Gear Solid trailer