Medal of Honor Heroes 2 to hit Wii and PSP

The Wii is getting back some love from the Medal of Honor series, with a new installment slated as a next-gen console exclusive for the Nintendo console.

Disney goes all out for Blu-ray tour

As one of the biggest content supporters for Blu-ray, Disney will be kicking off a multi-million dollar promotional tour for the high definition format.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North eyes August release date

NCSoft announced today that it will bring the new installment to the online epic Guild Wars to PC consumers next month.

'Planet Earth' goes all-American in new HD DVD, Blu-ray release

Windows Media, Zune DRM encryption gets cracked

Someone going by the forum name Divine Tao has cracked Microsoft's DRM blackbox components, opening up Windows Media Player and Zune restrictions.

Rescue hostages – with a twist – in new Iranian shoot-em-up

Tehran (Iran) – Special Operation 85: Hostage Rescue is a first-person shooter with a twist, because the players must rescue Iranian diplomats and scientists from the clutches of American and Israeli captors.

Marketers leaving Second Life

Sony ReGroupers to take a Crackle at talent search

Diablo 3 cometh?

Fans of Blizzard’s Diablo series have waited an agonizing seven years since the last installment, but the wait could be over soon.

Mario Party 8 recalled in UK over offensive language

In a very unusual circumstance for Nintendo, the company's UK division has recalled all copies of Mario Party 8 because of an offensive word that can be found in the game.

E3: Super Mario Galaxy leaves us skeptical

After playing the Super Mario Galaxy demo at the past two E3 events, we're still skeptical about how the game will turn out when it makes its debut.

PS3 is "ideal" for Unreal Torunament mods, says Epic Games producer

The Xbox 360 may have a robust online community, but the PS3 is more attractive for developers, according to Epic Games's lead producer Jeff Morris.

Sony: Price reduction of PS3 in the U.S. only temporary

If you plan on purchasing a $500 PS3, get it while it is available.

E3: New Ratchet and Clank game looks promising

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction may not be the most intense, but it is one of the PS3's funnest titles on display at this year's E3.

DS games get a boost at off-site E3 event

At an unofficial E3 party, we got to check out some of the independent game titles that are coming out in the next year, including a couple that push the Nintendo DS out of its rigid mold.

E3: Fable 2 introduces an innovative control experience

Taking the fabled Fable 2 into our hands for the first time, we learned the power of the X button on the Xbox 360.

E3 2007 VIDEO: Part movie, part game – Sony’s Heavenly Sword

Sony showed off a trailer of its upcoming “Heavenly Sword” game for the PlayStation 3 and dubbed it part movie, part video game.

E3: Xbox 360 as a "fun game" machine works

Scene It, Bomberman, and Viva Pinata were just some of the titles Microsoft showed off at a special "Social Fun" suite in Santa Monica's Viceroy hotel.

E3 2007 VIDEO: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Yes, many racing fans have been waiting a while for the latest Gran Turismo game, but Sony made the wait a little more bearable by announcing the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue downloadable demo at their E3 2007 press briefing.

Microsoft eyeing Xbox 360 price cut

Microsoft executives want to cut the Xbox 360’s price in order to better compete with the cheaper Nintendo Wii console.