EA recruits PS3, Xbox 360 for Army of Two

Electronic Arts announced today that it will bring the new military simulation game Army of Two to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in November.

‘Boot camp’ hopes to increase gaming time between moms and kids

Kids these days usually play video games with their friends and sometimes their fathers, but moms could soon be joining in on the grenade tossing, alien killing fun.

Wii Web browser gets its own security concern

Symantec says it has identified a new vulnerability in Adobe's Flash player that can cause the Nintendo console to lock up when viewed on the specially crafted Opera Web browser.

TiVo to launch new, cheaper HD DVR next month

Alviso (CA) - TiVo is planning to put out a new addition to its Series 3 brand of high definition DVRs with a model that's less than 50% cheaper than the current one. TiVo launched its Series 3 HD video recorder last September at a staggering price of around $800. With such a high price point and very little marketing of the device, sales have been significantly lower than the DVR maker anticipated.

Lower price sparks PS3 sales to jump 135%

Based on "preliminary internal data", Sony says that PS3 sales rose by 135% in the first two weeks following the $100 cut on existing PS3 units.

Wii crashes sales charts again

It's no longer a big surprise, but Nintendo's console once again sold more units than the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 combined, during the month of June.

Netflix cuts monthly fees

Netflix has dropped the monthly price on three of its DVD rental plans.

Latest PS3 firmware adds additional HD support

Sony has finished version 1.90 of the Playstation 3 firmware, adding among other things 1080p24 and AVCHD video support.

Japan LCD TV makers pushing 120 Hz technology

French paper reveals Harry Potter's fate

Macronix to benefit from shortage of ROM for Nintendo DS game cartridges

Far Cry 2 on its way to PC

Ubisoft's modern PC shooter is making a comeback, with details about the Far Cry sequel announced today.

Scientists ‘solve’ Checkers

Canadian researchers have created an invincible Checkers program that can beat any human.

Rockstar's Bully to fight its way to Wii, Xbox 360

After a round of success of the PS2 and Xbox, a new Bully game is heading to the Wii and Xbox 360.

Microsoft cancels Euro Xbox event

Disney explores dying format with new CD technology

Disney recently launched a new audio CD technology called CDVU+, hoping it can create a stay of execution for the flagging audio format.

Wistron reportedly not able to land Wii orders

EA goes bowling for The Sims in new iPod game

The Sims Bowling has made its way to the iPod, adding to a list of games that has seen very few updates over the past several months.

HDScape gives up HD DVD exclusivity, moves to Blu-ray

Another sign that HD DVD is losing ground, the once exclusive HD DVD company The DVD Acquisition and Development Group has announced it's moving to Blu-ray.

Samsung announces Wi-Fi plasma TVs

Ridgefield Park (NJ) – Samsung has introduced two new plasma TVs that are equipped with draft-n (802.11n) connectivity to enable consumers to stream video content wirelessly to their TV.