PS3 gets a Rockstar exclusive

Panasonic announces two HD camcorders

Weather forecasting umbrella introduced

Ambient Devices has begun selling an umbrella, which indicates to its owner whether it will be a rainy day or not. The device receives weather data from – and if there is rain expected within the next 12 hours, the umbrella’s handle will illuminate.      

Comic-Con a tale of two conventions - UPDATE gallery 3 added

San Diego (CA) – Hundreds of thousands of comic book, video game and movie fans are flocking to this year’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego where old and new media are mixing together.  Movie and comic producers, artists and stars gave panels, while both the young and the young at heart played the newest video games in the booming and bustling part of the exhibition hall.  Of course it wouldn’t be Comic-Con without comics, but those were relegated to a sedate back section of the hall.    

Japanese adult film companies boosted by Blu-ray

Adult film makers in Japan will be churning out more Blu-Ray movies, thanks to some technical support from Sony.

Sony announces HD video walkman

Chicago (IL) – There’s a new toy coming your way: Sony announced its first portable HD video player.    

EA says it made a mistake by not paying more attention to Wii

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello admitted that the company should have spent more time working on the Wii instead of focusing on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Pioneer launches blackest plasma HDTV line

Pioneer this week began shipping its latest slate of plasma televisions, claiming they have the darkest black levels of any plasma set.

The brand new $113 Toshiba HD-DVD Player: Are the HD wars over?

Analyst Opinion - Sure, Blu-ray had lots of good news this week. But the HD DVD camp has been answering the trend with prices that are putting HD DVD players close to what many of us would consider an affordable and, as a result, reasonable HD solution. So, what do you buy? Here is some food for thought from Rob Enderle.

The Sims 2 says Bon Voyage to new expansion pack

Electronic Arts has announced details about its latest expansion pack to The Sims 2, letting users take their virtual family on exotic vacations.

Microsoft targets big sales for games and devices division next year

Disney’s shows off its first “M” rated game, Turok

Blood and guts aren’t something you usually associate with Disney, but the company best known for Mickey Mouse is developing a fairly bloody first person shooter called Turok for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.>> In Pictures: Disney shows off Turok at Comic Con ...

Most played console in June was...PS2?

Step aside next-gen gaming systems, because the king of the last generation is still here to play, accounting for 42% of all game use last month.

Xbox 360 HD DVD player price falls to $179

San Diego (CA) - Following recent cuts in Blu-ray Disc players and continued beatings of HD DVD, Microsoft has taken $20 off the MSRP of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player add-on. The basic Xbox 360 peripheral is the best-selling HD DVD player and even with the purchase of the $300 game console it has remained an inexpensive way to move into the high-def format.

Massive scores big in-game ad deal with EA

Microsoft subsidiary Massive Incorporated has scored a huge in-game advertising deal with Electronic Arts.

World of Warcraft reaches 9 million subscribers

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that its hit World of Warcraft MMORPG has reached 9 million subscribers.

2K Games lifts the curtain off huge Civilization expansion pack

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, referred to by 2K as the largest Civilization expansion yet, is now available for fans of the PC strategy game.

Samsung announces hybrid Blu-ray - HD DVD player

Ridgefield Park (NJ) – Samsung today officially introduced its third generation of high-definition playback devices, including a Blu-ray home theater system as well as the company’s first hybrid player that can play Blu-ray and HD DVD media.      

Denon blasts its way to Blu-ray market with high-end player

Super high-end audio/video manufacturer Denon has decided to enter the HD format war with the announcement of a new Blu-ray Disc player for later this year.

Heavenly Sword demo heading to PS3 this week

The anticipated PS3 exclusive hack-and-slash game will be playable to all console owners this week, with a demo of Heavenly Sword slated for the Playstation Store.