Game consoles 2007: It's Nintendo's market to lose

Analyst Opinion - If you think about it, this will be a fascinating fourth quarter. Nintendo Wii, to pretty much the surprise of everyone, is the product to beat, Sony, the old champ, is on life support but getting a short term uplift, and last week even the Xbox Core unit (which has never sold well) sold very well.

Onkyo to launch $900 HD DVD player

Disney goes for the teens with Flix video camera and LCD screens

Disney is launching a new line of inexpensive video camcorders and LCD television sets to further cement its lock on your kids.

XM announces split-screen portable radio

Washington, D.C. – XM will be offering a new radio that will make browsing through through XM channels more convenient.      

Bioshock demo surfaces on Xbox Live

Xbox 360 Rock Band bundle reportedly priced at $200

MTV's ambitious music game Rock Band will be the most expensive Xbox 360 title to date.

Samsung Blu-ray Disc player available for $425

Samsung's BD-P1200 is available now for $425, the first time a widely available standalone BD player is selling for less than the Playstation 3.

Halo 3 expected to boost Xbox 360 demand

NES Metroid, Metroid Prime 3 preview debut on Wii

Gearing up for its first big title since the Wii's launch, Nintendo has added a preview of the new Metroid Prime game as well as a downloadable version of the first title in the series to the Wii Shop channel.

Boogie brings down the house on Wii

Game Review - The unique, addictive, and varied gameplay offered in Boogie easily makes it one of the most enjoyable Wii games to date.>> In Pictures: Boogie game preview 

Ford prices Microsoft-developed "Sync" at $395

Sony offers refunds for defective games

Customers who purchased specific titles from the Playstation 3's online Playstation Store will receive a full refund because of defects in the game emulation.

SlingMedia gets FCC approval for new Slingbox

Chicago (IL) - SlingMedia has received the FCC nod for a redesigned Slingbox, according to documents published on the commission's website today.    

Universal bypasses iTunes with DRM-free music trial

Following a similar announcements made earlier this year by EMI, Universal Music Group will be releasing music tracks without an integrated technology that restricts the use of the music files.

World in Conflict hits gold status

Vivendi's Sierra Entertainment announced today that the PC strategy game World in Conflict has gone gold, meaning development is complete and it's ready to be mass produced.

Digital photo frames becoming more functional

Computers visualize airflow in Nascar drafting

Chicago (IL) - Computer scientists at the University of Washington have developed software that is incorporated in new technology allowing television audiences to instantaneously see how air flows around speeding cars. The "DraftTrack" application debuted in late July during the Brickyard 400 race in Indianapolis, where the effects were during an ESPN broadcast.      

Study: Gamers unaware, don't care about additional game console features

Most gamers just want to play games and don't really care about all the extra expensive goodies packed into the multimedia consoles, according to a new survey from research group NPD.

Blu-ray, HD DVD topple VHS sales

High definition discs became the second most popular video medium in the first half of 2007, officially overtaking legacy format VHS.

Halo 3 hits one million pre-orders in record time

Microsoft's ultimate cash cow for the Xbox 360, Halo 3 has eclipsed one million pre-orders more than six weeks before the game is scheduled to be released.