No price gap between first-tier and second-tier LCD TV brands

Microsoft plans first Xbox Live Arcade price drop

For the first time, Microsoft will reduce the prices of a handful of Xbox Live Arcade titles, but only for a limited time.

NBC and News Corp’s video venture gets a name… Hulu

MotoGP 07 makes debut with Xbox 360 release

THQ announced this week that motorcycle racing game MotoGP 07 is now available for the Xbox 360, the first system to receive the new installment in the MotoGP series.

Apple plans iPod announcement for September 5

An Apple press conference has been scheduled for September 5, lighting up speculation that a new line of iPods may be announced next week.

Limited edition PS2 bundle headed to holiday season

Proving its worthy position in the next-gen arena, Sony has announced that it will bring a new version of the Playstation 2 to the US later this year.

Sanyo debuts smallest full HD camcorder

Sanyo today announced the Xacti HD1000, claiming it is the smallest and lightest camcorder to record in a 1920x1080 resolution.

Halo 3 goes gold

Headed off to the assembly line is the most anticipated title on the Xbox 360 since the console's 2005 debut, Halo 3.

Volkswagen, Apple consider "iCar"

Need for Speed Prostreet coming in October

Electronic Arts will release thenext game in its Need for Speed franchise for the Xbox 360, Playstation 2/3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PC and mobile devices this fall.>> In Pictures: Need for Speed Prostreet  

Venturer to launch HD DVD player for holiday season

Budget electronics manufacturer will bring out its first HD DVD player later this year.

Creative unveils credit card-sized portable media player

Creative's latest media player will be its thinnest yet, with capacity available as large as 16 GB.

EA details launch info for Wii Playground

Electronic Arts announced today that its collection of mini-games for the Wii will debut in the US near the end of October.

Metroid Prime 3 becomes the Wii's defining title

Game Review - With some of the system's best graphics, an unbelievably fluid control system, and deep, compelling environments, Metroid Prime 3 proves that the Wii can seriously play in the next-gen arena. See Samus in action on the Wii in Metroid Prime 3

Samsung intros Bluetooth PMP, MP3 player

Samsung has increased its list of digital media players by two, with the announcement of a new MP3 player and portable video device.

Logitech extends USB headset offerings

Logitech today introduced a pair of new USB-powered headsets made up of laser-tuned audio drivers and a noise-canceling microphone.

Warhawk flies into the US

The game that Sony hopes can fully unleash the online power of the Playstation 3, Warhawk, is now available in stores and on the console's digital download store.

144-foot screen breaks HDTV record

Though they're not exactly World Series staples, the Arizona Diamondbacks are looking to make it into the record books by installing the world's largest HDTV screen.

Best Buy suggests Xbox 360 Core unit with HDMI coming soon

Best Buy has raised some eyebrows with a new listing on its website for an "Xbox 360 Core system w/ HDMI."

Sandisk set to launch clip-on MP3 player

Sandisk's latest addition to its Sansa line of MP3 players is the Clip, a miniature device designed to rival Apple's iPod Shuffle.