Home automation specialist designs Microsoft Surface clone

Osterville (MA) - Savant Systems, a Massachusetts-based electronics manufacturer specializing in home automation, has unveiled a new coffee table that looks a lot like Microsoft's concept Surface technology. The "Rosie Coffee Table" integrates a 40-inch wide touch screen panel with the ability to tap into iTunes libraries, IP network digital cameras, and business card readers from the graphical user interface (GUI).

Philips introduces Tivo-like DVR

Philips plans to put another digital video recorder in the market, offering more features than most of its rivals.

PS3's Lair playable on PSP

The newly released Playstation 3 game arrives with an unexpected feature - the ability to play it through a wireless connection on the portable PSP system.

Wii outsells PS3 3-to-1 in Japan

Westinghouse announces premium 1080p LCD TVs

Sony mulling movie download service

Just days after announcing it would pull the plug on its music download store, Sony is now reportedly working on starting up a video download service.

High-end Voodoo PC catches fire at PC Mags labs

Acer joins Blu-ray camp

Acer has become a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), giving Blu-ray a lead among the world's largest PC manufacturers.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North now available

The first full expansion to Guild Wars is now available, adding to the massive subscription-free online game world.

Casio intros 300-shots-per-second digital camera

Casio today unveiled a new digital still camera that can take as many as 300 shots per second.

60 GB Playstation 3 officially out of circulation

The factory presses are no longer pumping out 60 GB versions of the PS3.

Sandisk rolls out 8 GB Memory Stick Micro

Sandisk announced today that it has developed the industry's first 8 GB Memory Stick Micro, a fingertip-sized memory card used primarily in cell phones.

No price gap between first-tier and second-tier LCD TV brands

Microsoft plans first Xbox Live Arcade price drop

For the first time, Microsoft will reduce the prices of a handful of Xbox Live Arcade titles, but only for a limited time.

NBC and News Corp’s video venture gets a name… Hulu

MotoGP 07 makes debut with Xbox 360 release

THQ announced this week that motorcycle racing game MotoGP 07 is now available for the Xbox 360, the first system to receive the new installment in the MotoGP series.

Apple plans iPod announcement for September 5

An Apple press conference has been scheduled for September 5, lighting up speculation that a new line of iPods may be announced next week.

Limited edition PS2 bundle headed to holiday season

Proving its worthy position in the next-gen arena, Sony has announced that it will bring a new version of the Playstation 2 to the US later this year.

Sanyo debuts smallest full HD camcorder

Sanyo today announced the Xacti HD1000, claiming it is the smallest and lightest camcorder to record in a 1920x1080 resolution.

Halo 3 goes gold

Headed off to the assembly line is the most anticipated title on the Xbox 360 since the console's 2005 debut, Halo 3.