Sony may roll out $400 40 GB Playstation 3

A new version of the PS3 may be heading to the US for the holiday season.

Sandisk reveals Sansaview PMP devices

Milpitas (CA) - Sandisk has announced its newest portable media player, incorporating up to 16 GB just in time to compete with Apple's newest video-capable iPods. Sandisk's Sansaview plays back H.264, MPEG-4 and Windows Media format videos.  It also contains an FM radio, the ability for line-in recording, and measures in at just 0.35 inches thick.

Study says 'M' rated games garner more sales

A new study seems to go paradoxically against the Wii's success, claiming that "Mature" games sell better than less violent titles.

Wii Zapper gets a release date

Redmond (WA) – Nintendo announced that it will begin selling the Zapper controller shell on November 19, one year after the Wii's debut. The game will come packaged with a demonstration software title and will retail for $20.      

AMD's gamer website goes online

Santa Clara (CA) - Early this morning, AMD unveiled their gaming website.  Decked out in ATI red, it's targeted at the gaming enthusiasts and die-hards in the hopes of luring them in for some fast gaming action and talk-back.  There are links to games, forums, events and even drivers and related graphics utilities.  AMD is hoping to draw some of the enthusiast community toward their line of 3D graphics cards.  To bolster that position, AMD also demonstrated commitment to the Linux graphics and gaming communities by releasing a Catalyst 7.9 driver and support for ATI&

Dolby adopts video watermarking tech for use in movie theaters

Dolby said that it will incorporate Philips' CineFence technology into its professional products, which promises to put a stop to illegal in-theater camcorder copying.

Sunglasses with video camera for $1600

London (England) - A UK company has created a pair of sunglasses with a discreetly built-in digital video recorder. According to the UK's Spy Catcher Online store, the glasses contain a wired system to a personal video recorder device, but the camera lens is hidden in the frame of the glasses.

Limited PS2 compatibility site posted for 80 GB PS3

Sony has launched a website that allows users to check the backward compatibility of the 80 GB version of the PS3, which scraps the PS2 processor in favor of cheaper emulation.

Panasonic introduces new LCD front projector

Vudu service offers direct-to-set-top video downloads

Vudu, a new video download service, was announced this week, along with proprietary set-top boxes designed to deliver downloadable high definition movies.

A remote to go along with high-end home theaters

Arlington Heights (IL) - Bang & Olufsen announced a pricey remote control that not only works with home theaters, but, according to its manufacturer, can learn to wirelessly control any other device in your house that is equipped with remote control functionality.      

Mario Kart Wii to feature 16-player online battles

Nintendo may be ready to step up its online gaming presence, as it is reportedly working on a 16-player Wi-Fi mode in the upcoming Mario Kart game.

Sony debuts 12 MP digital SLR camera

San Diego (CA) - Sony has lifted the curtain on its DSLR-A700 camera, the latest addition to the company's Alpha line with a 12 MP sensor. A little over a year after Sony's first DSLR camera, the A700 has such Sony-specific features as Super SteadyShot stabalization, a proprietary auto-focus system featuring 11 wide-area sensors, and Sony's Dynamic Range Optimizer, which automatically corrects shadow distortion in images.

Warner announces Project Origin video game, as the sequel to Fear

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment announced today that it is working on Project Origin, a sequel to the intense action game Fear.

Integra announces HD DVD player

Home theater specialist Integra announced this week that it is planning to ship a new HD DVD player by the end of the year.

Sony pitches two new Blu-ray players

Sony will be offering this fall two new Blu-ray players aiming at enthusiasts, for prices well north of the current sub-$500 trend in the HD player segment.

LG announces second-gen HD DVD-Blu-ray player

LG today made a rather unexpected move by announcing its second-generation Super Blu Player, which will be cheaper than its predecessor and add a few new features.

Midway shoots out Stranglehold on Xbox 360

Midway today launched the cinematic shooter game Stranglehold on the Xbox 360.

Echostar, DirecTV warn of digital TV blackout

Satellite providers Echostar and DirecTV have issued statements to the FCC saying they may not be able to switch all local signals to digital by the government-mandated 2009 change-over.

Minor firmware update quietly makes its way to PS3

Increasingly commonplace for the Playstation 3, Sony has subtly fixed a couple problems in a new firmware update that barely made a blip on the company's radar.