Playstation: The Rumblepack returns

Sony made a surprise announcement today, saying that it will introduce an new PS3 controller with rumble feature in spring of next year.

Dirt is just what the Playstation 3 needs

Opinion – I have been criticizing Sony for its PS3 strategy and game publishers for their PS3 game strategy pretty much since the console was released almost 10 months ago – despite the fact that I always felt that it is the console with the most potential out there. If you don't believe me, have a look at Dirt. It is the best sign yet that there is hope for the PS3.    

Euro retailer puts out Halo 3 days in advance

European retailer Argos has reportedly begun selling copies of Halo 3, about a week before its scheduled release date.

Shrek the Third HD DVD dated, detailed

Wii gamers to receive The Force next year

Answering the pleas of many fans, Lucas Arts has officially announced a game that will turn the Wii Remote into a digital light saber.

Mitsubishi rolls out full HD 46" display

Toshiba announces compact mobile projector

The cheapest iPod Nano Apple ever made

El Segundo (CA) – Apple not only has reduced the size of its iPod Nano, it also has trimmed the bill of materials (BOM) of the portable media player to keep profit margins stable.

EA set for 32-player online Wii game

EA has announced that the Wii version of Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 will have online support for 32 players, 16 more than what is traditionally offered on the Xbox 360.

RPTV market to continue shrinking as flat-panel TV takes over the living room, says IDC

Turbografx-CD moves to Wii Virtual Console

Hudson has announced that it will begin offering classic Turbografx-CD titles for the Wii, the first new console to be added to the Nintendo platform since it launched last year.

Lord British to go to space

Target reportedly doubles Blu-ray shelf space

Target has doubled the amount of space reserved for display Blu-ray movies, further edging HD DVD out of the picture, according to a recent article in Video Business.

Colin McRae, video game and car racing legend, dies at 39

Colin McRae, a former World Rally champion, died in a helicopter crash over the weekend, leaving his immortality in part in a series of top-selling video games.

MySpace goes Hollywood

Wii confirmed as top-selling current-gen console

A professional research firm has released information that shows the Wii has outsold the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on a global scale.

Sony ditches DVD for Blu-ray in Japanese DVRs

Sony has announced that it will no longer produce DVD-based personal video recorders, and instead will put all of its eggs in the Blu-ray basket.

Playstation 3, PSP firmware nudged up to next level

Sony has announced new firmware updates for the PS3 and PSP, adding functional enhacements to both platforms.

World Series of Video Games closes shop in middle of tournament

The World Series of Video Games has come to a screeching halt as event organizers were unable to secure enough sponsorship revenue.

Logitech pumps out Bluetooth keyboard, headset for PS3

Fremont (CA) - Logitech this week launched its first Bluetooth keyboard and headset designed specifically for use with the Playstation 3. The Cordless Vantage Headset and Cordless Mediaboard Pro can communicate with the PS3 without any kind of physical connection to the system.  The PS3 has full Bluetooth functionality, which is activated through an option on the console's main menu.