Apple updates iPod Classic, Nano with 1.0.2 firmware

Apple has released a new firmware upgrade for the current generation iPod Classic and iPod Nano, available now through iTunes.

Happy Birthday! Atari 2600 turns 30

Chicago (IL) – The Atari 2600, considered by many the origin of the modern game console market, is celebrating its 30th birthday this month.    

X-Wing rocket disintegrates in flight

A scale replica of a Star Wars X-Wing fighter disintegrated in mid-flight after being launched in Plaster City, California.

40 GB Playstation 3 may be set for October 28

An entirely new PS3 hardware is apparently on its way to to retailers in time for the holiday season.

World of Warcraft reaches 800,000 concurrent users in China

Update: Slim PSP surpasses sales of old PSP in Japan

The recently redesigned version of the PSP has already sold 580,000 units in Japan, more than the same amount in the same time frame for the original PSP.

New Zunes to zoom into stores November 13

Microsoft has finalized the release date for the new Zune models, scheduling it just one day ahead of the original device's one year anniversary.

Playstation 3 store adds game tutorial videos

Sony has taken the PS3's digital download capability to a platform no other console has tried yet - video tutorials.

Samsung delays one high-def disc player, cancels another

Two new high-def players from Samsung were expected this holiday season but those plans have now changed.

Retailers ready fifth Xbox 360 SKU with arcade bundle

US retailers have begun listing yet another version of the Xbox 360, a special low-cost bundle for casual gamers.

HD DVDs to turn into online shopping catalogs

The newest feature to enter the realm of high definition video is the ability to go shopping online, directly from an HD DVD player.

Unreal Tournament 3 likely to be pushed back to 2008

Midway has announced that Unreal Tournament 3, originally set to be its killer PS3 app for the holiday season, may not make it out this year after all.

Microsoft refreshes Zune with 4, 8, and 80 GB models

Microsoft officially announced details of its new Zune devices late last night after a whirlwind of rumors about the portable media player.

Second Zune to debut with 4 GB and 8 GB

Redmond (WA) - Information about Microsoft's Zune has been trickling in today, mostly in the form of rumors. A first illustration and first specifications of the new player have been published on the website of the FCC website today.    

More color for the Nintendo DS

Nintendo has added a "Crimson red" and "Onyx black" Nintendo to the regular line-up of the mobile gaming device. The color combination was previously only available in a bundle with Brain Age 2.     The Crimson/Onyx version sells for $130.

Command & Conquer series released, once more

Panasonic unveils terabyte Blu-ray recorders

Osaka (Japan) – Panasonic announced three new Blu-ray recorders with integrated hard drives that are good for storing up to 381 hours of full HD video, thanks to what appears to be the first 45 nm chip on the market.      

Microsoft expected to make big Zune announcement today

According to numerous media rumors, Microsoft may be announcing a sequel to the Zune today, despite lackluster sales of the original model.

Nintendo adds to Wii safety with free "Remote Jacket"

Nintendo has introduced a new product that slips over the Wii for users to have a better grip on it, and existing Wii owners can apply to get up to four for free.

GIMP.TV answering questions you’re too embarrassed to ask

Ontario (CA) – Basic car maintenance like changing your oil and rotating tires may seem easy to grease monkeys, but to many people it’s as mysterious and complicated as brain surgery.  Now, there’s a video podcast called “Fuel Time” that promises to show basic car fixes, all without embarrassing yourself.