Viva Pinata: Microsoft’s first casual Xbox 360 game doesn’t make the cut

Game Review – At this year’s E3, Microsoft told us that it would be offering more casual games that appeal to the whole family in an effort to go after the Nintendo Wii audience. Viva Pinata is the first major title in this strategy and, quite apparently, it is much harder to create such a game than it sounds. Viva Pinata on the Xbox 360 disappoints.

LucasArts and Bioware develop “interactive entertainment product”

Canon releases two new projectors

Resident Evil 4 for Wii reaches one million units

Capcom is showing that the Wii isn't just for family-friendly mini-games, as it announced it has sold over a million copies of the horror game Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo platform.

Blu-ray Discs to get picture-in-picture technology

The line between the competing HD formats is about to get a little blurrier, as picture-in-picture video features, a previous exclusive to HD DVD, are coming to Blu-ray.

Wii Super Smash Bros to include level creator

Nintendo's hotly anticipated mascot melee game for the Wii will include a unique feature of allowing users to create their own arenas for multiplayer battle.

MTV unveils song list for Rock Band

MTV and game developer Harmonix have announced the full list of songs that will appear in the multi-platform game Rock Band, spanning four decades of rock music.

Nintendo updates Wii Virtual Console with Halloween mix

Nintendo's additions to the Wii's digital download platform this week are all devoted to "Hallo-Wiin", including the first non-fighting Neogeo game for the Virtual Console.

Will Wright's Spore headed for Wii

Will Wright, of The Sims fame, has said that he is working on bringing his next big project, Spore, to Nintendo's motion sensitive-controlled console.

Nintendo not planning to reduce Wii’s price

Valve releases update for Orange Box 360

Wal-Mart sub-$200 HD DVD player a reality

After a long period of speculation, Wal-Mart has answered rumors of an HD DVD player for under $200, making it the cheapest next-gen DVD player to date.

Warhammer PSP demo goes live

Opinion - Playstation 3 worries about innovation to sacrifice quality

Opinion – Sony has really tried to improve the gaming experience with the PS3 through new and innovative technologies, but unfortunately this mindset has led to a decrease in the number of quality games.  We take a look at what has worked and what hasn't for the PS3's innagural 11 months.

Gran Turismo 5 players to have access to Top Gear TV show

Sony has struck a deal with the car-centric TV show Top Gear and BBC Worldwide to bring exclusive material to the anticipating PS3 racing game Gran Turismo 5.

PDP makers revive 32" panels

Samsung delays Blu-ray player to work on hybrid device

Samsung has removed the BD-P2400 Blu-ray Disc player from its holiday lineup in order to work more devotedly on its first Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player.

MySpace to add casual games channel in 2008

Judge Judy berates World of Warcraft player

You know World of Warcraft has hit the main stream when television legal eagle Judge Judy hears a case about the popular game.  But while many of the people in her courtroom knew about the game, the Judge, and her bailiff, had no clue the game existed.

Ratchet & Clank PS3 game ships with game save glitch

The most anticipated platformer title for the Playstation 3 to date has a glitch that could prevent some users from creating a save file for the game.