Xbox Live Arcade game tally totals 100

Tomorrow's weekly addition to the Xbox Live Arcade will include the 100th casual game to be added to the service.

Move over Tupperware, here come Taser parties

Hollywood hoopla for SanDisk’s new 8GB memory cards

Walking into the famed Viper Room on Sunset Blvd. wasn’t exactly the venue that TGDaily expected for the global launch of SanDisk’s new 8GB MicroSDHC and M2 flash memory cards.

Analysis: How much further can the Wii go?

Since its launch almost one year ago, the Nintendo Wii has certainly been the big surprise among the three major game console contenders. As we approach the one-year anniversary, TG Daily game expert Mark Raby reviews what has made the Wii the success it is today and how much room there is for more in the future.

Sony CEO considers HD format war to be in a “stalemate”

Sony chief executive Sir Howard Stringer gave surprising comments about the situation about the ongoing high-definition format war between Sony’s Blu-ray and Toshiba’s HD DVD technology. Sony was winning, he said - until Paramount switched sides.

'Check Mii Out' channel comes to Wii on Sunday

Nintendo announced this week that it will launch a new Wii channel next week to allow users to share their "Mii" characters with others via the Internet.

Electronic Arts donates SimCity to OLPC and the world

Warner Brothers buys video game publisher

Mario and Sonic's first joint venture is great fun

Game Review - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is a dream come true for fans of the long-time mascot rivals, and it works as a solid collection of sports-based mini-games.

Archos does a Tivo

Chicago (IL) – Archos is gearing up to launch a Tivo-like digital video recorder, documents published by the FCC revealed Thursday.  

Scotland Yard warns public to hide their iPhones

HP dumps digital camera business

Hewlett-Packard (HP) said that it will stop building digital cameras and is looking for a “partner” to develop and sell digital cameras under the HP brand.

Infocus launches gaming-centric HD projector

Wilsonville (OR) - Digital projector specialist Infocus today launched the Play Big IN1, a high definition DLP projector designed specifically to support HD video game consoles.The IN1 contains inputs for composite, S-video, and component video.  On the audio side, it has compatibility with L/R stereo, two-speaker stereo, and supports seven watts per channel.  It also has a headphone out jack.  

Spider-Man 3 sets record for Sony Blu-ray

Over 130,000 copies of Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray Disc were sold in its first week, marking a new record for a Sony Pictures title.

Trend Micro has antivirus for Playstation 3

Trend Micro's security software spans over a huge repertoire of operating systems and Internet browsers, and now it has become the first to bring similar Web safety tools to the PS3.

Sony pumps Playstation 3 firmware to version 2.0

Today marks one of the biggest updates yet for the PS3, bringing a handful of new features to the console.

Another shot a social gaming on the Xbox 360: Scene It?

Toshiba sells nearly 100,000 HD DVD players last weekend

Toshiba has announced that it sold 90,000 HD DVD players between last Friday and Sunday, thanks to sub-$100 players offered by Best Buy and Wal-Mart, according to trade publication Video Business.

Target prohibits Manhunt 2

An internal memo has reportedly been issued to all Target stores across the United States, asking managers to remove all copies of Manhunt 2 and prevent future sales of the game.

MTV games unit brings exclusive title to iPod

MTV Networks released its latest music game this week, but instead of using fancy guitar controllers, it uses the iPod's click wheel.