Playstation Store updates early with Rock Band tracks, PS Eye games

Sony doled out its weekly Playstation Store update a couple days ahead of time, adding the first wave of new Rock Band songs and two new Playstation Eye titles.

Star Trek HD DVD includes phaser remote control

Los Angeles (CA) - The complete first season of Star Trek is now available on HD DVD, and among the special features is a new phaser style remote control. The Star Trek set is only available in high-def on HD DVD because it is owned by strong format supporter Universal.  The 40-year-old TV series is the oldest show to make its way to a high-def format.

Digital photo frame panel supply smoothens

EA ships Medal of Honor Airborne for PS3

Mitac Mio-brand GPS devices to North America to see sharp shipment growth in Q4

Sony pumps out 2.01 PS3 firmware

Sony released the latest Playstation 3 firmware late last night, fixing a handful of bugs that arose from the major 2.0 update earlier this month.

Macrovision buys its way into high-def DRM

A $45 million investment hands Macrovision the keys to a fundamental piece of Blu-ray’s content protection technology.

Playstation 3 development kit price slashed

Sony has great news for game developers looking to latch on to the Playstation 3 - the price of its development kit is now almost half of what it used to be.

Nintendo debuts Zapper

Amazon lights up the Kindle

Seattle (WA) - After months of conceptual discussion, Amazon has finally released the Kindle digital book reader. On's home page, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos writes "Today, we at Amazon are excited to announce Kindle, a wireless, portable reading device with instant access to more than 90,000 books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers."

Nintendo adds latest Virtual Console titles for Wii anniversary

There was speculation that Nintendo would release a major title to the Virtual Console this week for the Wii's one-year anniversary, but its only addition was a little-known NES game from the 1980s.

Resident Evil Blu-ray to have Resident Evil PS3 demo

In addition to being one of the first discs to use the new BD Profile 1.1 standard, Resident Evil: Extinction on Blu-ray will include PS3 game demos.

New Zunes become hot commodity

The original Zune was something of a punchline when it debuted to dismal sales, but the newer high capacity model is having a more impressive initial reaction.

Wii regains sales lead in October

Halo 3 gave the Xbox 360 a huge spike in September, but last month the Wii took its place back as the top-selling console in the US.

Amazon Kindle coming early next week

Harmonix announces downloadable Rock Band song expansions

Harmonix's much talked about game Rock Band isn't even out yet, and already it is announcing additional tracks you'll be able to buy for $2 a pop.

Best Buy reportedly faking Wii shortages

Best Buy's latest tactic is apparently to announce the availability of "the last Wii" at multiple sporadic times throughout the day to create a false sense of limited supply.

Opinion: Beowulf in 3D is a feast for the eyes

Opinion - Director Robert Zemeckis has created a fantastic warrior epic that has vibrantly brought the old English poem of Beowulf to life. Complete with a golden fire breathing dragon, horrendous-looking monsters, and demigod hero, the movie is entertaining enough to keep you engaged for most of its duration.

Playstation 3 sales double thanks to price cut, new model

Over 100,000 PS3 consoles were sold in the US last week, thanks largely to the introduction of a lower-priced $400 version.

PS3 to play DivX