Researchers say violent video games and television almost as bad as smoking

Researchers from the University of Michigan have completed a landmark study which compares violent video games and television footage against other health risks like smoking and AIDS.  L. Rowell Huesmann and Brad Bushman combed through previous research dating back to the 1960s and claim that violent content is almost as bad as smoking.

Wal-Mart puts "cheap" Chinese HD DVD player on sale

The much-talked-about low-cost HD DVD player from Venturer Electronics is now available, though its $199 price tag is not as attractive as it was a couple months ago.

Greenpeace: "Wii" disapprove of Nintendo

Manchester (England) - Environmental agency Greenpeace isn't sharing in the fun of the innovative Wii console, and instead is blaming the console's maker Nintendo of not having "any environmental credentials."

In Europe, Blu-ray takes in 73% of HD movie sales

Over one million Blu-ray movies have been sold in Europe, accounting for nearly three-fourths of all high-def discs in the overseas continent.

Playstation 3 Home beta update details released

Version 0.7.7 of the PS3's online community Home is now available, although the software program is still restricted to people who have received an invite from Sony.

Sony readies more powerful PSP battery, custom battery covers

Foster City (CA) - Right before Christmas, Sony will launch a new batter pack for the PSP that it claims doubles the playtime offered by the current battery. Though geared more towards the slimmer model of the PSP that was launced this year, the "Extended Life Battery Kit" is compatible with the original version of the device as well.  The kit includes a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery pack, which provides enough extra juice to double the life of previous models.

Microsoft turns to Atari for Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft today launched Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe on the Xbox Live Arcade, along with the promise of several more classic Atari titles.

HD DVD players pass 750,000 unit sales

The HD DVD Promotional Group today announced that over 750,000 players have been sold to date.

Social networking is key for next Xbox 360 update

Microsoft has announced some details about an Xbox Live dashboard update in December, addressing digital download Xbox titles and more social networking functionality.

Value 720p segment drives home theater front projection sales in Q3

HD DVD to get "community screening" feature

A new function for HD DVD will be available next month, allowing multiple viewers to watch the same movie and interact over a global network.

Price cut triggers three-fold increase in PS3 sales

Sony announced this week that Playstation 3 unit sales nearly quadrupled during the busy Thanksgiving weekend, thanks largely to a newer low-cost pricing scheme.

EMI to debut iTunes John Lennon video album at Starbucks

Starbucks will be offering a digital music release card unlocking 21 John Lennon music videos on iTunes beginning December 4.Hollywood (CA) – Starbucks will be offering a digital music release card unlocking 21 John Lennon music videos on iTunes beginning December 4. Publisher Capitol/EMI Music Videos said that the 21 videos are priced as a bundle at $24.95 and will allow buyers to see videos that are available in a digital format for the first time.

Updated PSPs improve Sony’s traction in Japan

Super Mario Galaxy gets Wii's best opening week

Mario's triumphant return to the home console scene gave the Wii its best first-week sales of any Wii title.

Phoenix Entertainment joins high-def match, sides with HD DVD

Independent film label Phoenix Entertainment has announced its first movie to be released on a high definition format, bringing The Lawless to HD DVD.

Warhawk expansion coming to Playstation 3 in December

Warhawk's first expansion pack, Operation Omega Dawn, will be available as an online download next month.

Rock Band delivers, despite some rough edges

Game Review - All in all, the positive aspects of Rock Band outweigh the quirks that come with being an innovator in gaming. See Rock Band in action ...

PlayStation Store comes to the PC

Playstation Store updates early with Rock Band tracks, PS Eye games

Sony doled out its weekly Playstation Store update a couple days ahead of time, adding the first wave of new Rock Band songs and two new Playstation Eye titles.