Sony hardware sales jump in November but lag behind competitors

Playstation 3 sales nearly quadrupled last month compared to October, with PSP and PS2 seeing similar jumps, but all three remained at the bottom of the list compared to Nintendo and Microsoft.

Utah firm wants to go where GPS doesn't

Microsoft releases HD DVD emulator on Xbox 360

Microsoft has released a new program on the Xbox 360 that allows movie studios to test their videos for HD DVD playback before burning them to discs.

Blu-ray "300" takes top title at high-def disc awards

Blu-ray Disc movies took four of the seven competitive categories presented at the High-Def Disc Awards, including the "high-def title of the year".

Harmonix says Activision is blocking Rock Band patch

Harmonix created a patch that would allow Rock Band players to use the Guitar Hero III controller in the game, but says Activision has voiced objections that prevent the patch from being released.

Full HD 32" LCD TV ASP drops below $1000

Study says 63% of Americans are video gamers

An expansion into the casual video game market has helped to expand gaming to 63% of the US population, according to NPD.

Former PS3 exclusive Gripshift comes to Xbox Live Arcade

Part of this week's Xbox Live Arcade update may look familiar to Playstation 3 owners, as the arcade racing title Gripshift becomes one of the first cross-platform digital download games.

LG next-gen HD DVD, Blu-ray combo player hits stores

Los Angeles (CA) - After a couple delays and even some skepticism over whether it would actually launch, LG Electronics has finally released its new dual-format high-def disc player.The BH200 is now available at big box retailers and at several online stores.  It is the second player from LG that allows users to play Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD, and standard DVD movies with a single disc tray.

Annual Nintendo DS sales top six million in America

Nintendo says this year's Thanksgiving weekend set a new sales record for the DS, pushing the portable system's total sales to over six million in North America this year alone.

Wii Virtual Console unwraps "gifting" feature

Nintendo has launched a new service that allows users to buy a Virtual Console game and send it to another user's Wii console wirelessly.

Parappa the Rapper team to bring music game to Wii

The musician/artist pair who first introduced the world to Parappa the Rapper are now working on a new game designed exclusively for the Wii.

Universal sets music free on Imeem

Activision to replace Guitar Hero 3 Wii discs for free

Owners of the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 disappointed in the fact that it only provides mono output will be able to receive a new copy for free that contains stereo output.

Halo developer says it plans to stay devoted to Xbox

Despite recently severing its official ties to Microsoft, Halo developer Bungie said it has no plans to move on to any console other than the Xbox 360.

Blu-ray makes HD price war closer with lower price

For the first time, a standalone Blu-ray Disc player is now widely available for a price that's $100 less than the Playstation 3.

First third-party Wii sensor bar goes wireless

Relatively unknown tech manufacturer Blazepro has created a wireless sensor bar for the Nintendo Wii console, giving users the opportunity to ditch the unhealthily long cable that comes with the system.

ESRB responds to parental group's "C" rating

Entertainment Software Ratings Board president Patricia Vance has issued a response to a recently issued "report card" from the National Institute on Media and the Family, calling the rating "grossly misrepresented".

Universal says 30% of HD DVD users access Web content

Universal today released some facts on usage of special Web-enabled content that is available on several of its HD DVD movie titles.

Halo 3 at root of $5 million lawsuit

If Halo 3 has caused your Xbox 360 to crash, then you've experienced the complaint behind a new class-action lawsuit targeted at Microsoft and Bungie.