Dragon's Lair to make a comeback on PSP

Largely unknown developer United Coders has announced it will begin work on a PSP remake of the arcade classic Dragon's Lair, set to come out late this year.

Xbox Live users to get free XBL Arcade game

Following sluggish connection times and a slew of log-in errors over the holidays, Microsoft announced this week it will offer free downloadable games to Xbox 360 users.

Pepsi sponsors "eat healthy" game in Mexico

The obesity crisis in Mexico is dangerously close to where it is in the US, and a new idea has popped up with two major ironic players - a junk food company and video games.

Westinghouse unveils wireless HDTV

Users will soon be able to send high definition signals to their HDTV sets without any physical cable connection, thanks to a new partnership between Westinghouse Digital and semiconductor company Pulse Link.

Netflix confirms TV set-top box

Netflix will expand its operations beyond rental-by-mail and digital download services, as it has announced a plan to bring movies directly to user TV sets.

Nintendo DS game downloads to be powered by Wii

In the future, users will be able to download entire Nintendo DS games by accessing them on the Wii and then connecting wirelessly with the handheld device, according to Nintendo of America's president.

Running Linux on the Wii?

Persistent but clever hackers have finally discovered how to circumvent the Nintendo Wii's encryption safeguards, opening up the possibility of running 100% homebrew software on the little console.

LG Philips to release multi-touch LCD screens

LG Philips this week unveiled details about large flat-screen LCD TVs that will respond dynamically to touch.

More than half of US homes already have digital TVs: report

Just before the government kicks into gear for the beginning of the transition away from analog signals, the Consumer Electronics Association says over 50% of American households are already prepared.

World of Warcraft gamers plan virtual Ron Paul march

Sporting champs receive Wii consoles

Parents buy Playstation 3, end up with phone book

The Burns family has learned a valuable lesson about buying a video game system from the EB Games in Thousand Oaks - make sure the box actually includes the system instead of a local phone book.

Video MP3 player loaded with porn given to 10-yr old girl

Grinch puts phone book in teenager’s PS3 box

Samsung to show off 31" active matrix OLED display

Wii's "Nights" fails to meet the hype

Game Review - For years, the creator of the original Nights Into Dreams game said he did not want to make a sequel because he feared it wouldn't live up to the game's grandeur, and now it appears his fears have come true. See screenshots of Nights: Journey of Dreams

Sony says bye bye to rear-projection TVs

iPhone touch screen dies, bricking the device

An iPhone touch screen failed, bricking the otherwise undamaged device.  All of his contacts, saved settings and data was lost.  Have any of you had bad iPhone experiences?

84-year-old woman wins Wii bowling tournament

Nancy Davies, an 84-year-old woman living in a retirement community, defeated a real-life bowling champion in a Wii Sports tournament in the nation's capital.

Around 10% of HDTVs expected to be returned

According to a new report, about 10% of all HDTV sets purchased as a Christmas gift will be returned, a decrease from 20% last year.