Taser unveils leopard print device at CES

Las Vegas (NV) - Of all the things we could have expected to see at today's Taser press conference, a $400 leopard print taser was not one of them. Since the introduction of the taser, it has been seen in pop culture as a semi-torture device for police officers and the most amusing way for guys to paralyze themselves when they're drunk.

HD Radio strikes deal with Ford

Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles will come with factory-installed HD Radio equipment, thanks to a new partnership between the motor company and radio technology pioneer.

Skype comes to PSP

PSP owners will finally make good use out of the system's voice-over IP functionality, with the official addition of a custom version of the online calling service Skype.

Samsung CES press conference was dull and painful

Las Vegas (NV) - The Samsung conference consisted of 45 of the worst minutes I have ever spent in Las Vegas. Let me set the stage for you.  It was around 1:45 PM Pacific Time and I was dashing out of the room where the Philips press conference was held to head to the Samsung event, which began at 2:00. When I arrived at the Samsung conference room, there was a huge line already.  That's no surprise.  However, once they started letting people in, they quickly closed the door and told us that the room was at full capacity.  

Philips plunges further with "immersive" TV experience

Las Vegas (NV) - Philips spent almost all of the time during its CES press conference talking about expanding its TV technology to the point where it feels like you're "stepping into a mirror".Philips this year introduced a new sector in its company, called "consumer lifestyle".  It combines the divisions of consumer electronics and domestric appliances/personal care.

CES: Sony brings everything from dancing MP3 robots to OLED HDTV

Sony has impressive additions to its television, MP3 player, and mobile phone lines as shown during its pre-CES press conference.

Sony does not even say the words "Playstation 3" at CES press conference

Sony talked a lot about its less highlighted divisions at today's press event, but said absolutely nothing about the PS3 and only mentioned the PSP in passing.

Pioneer plans to innovate plasma, in-car entertainment

Las Vegas (NV) - Pioneer is working on an in-car navigation system that can control every mobile device you need, and even do it with voice recognition, as well as plasma TV sets that are so thin they literally float on your wall.Last year, Pioneer spent a nauseating amount of time in its press conference talking about its line of plasma HDTVs.  This year, car audio and video seemed to take the front seat.  The main product announcement was the AVIC-Linc, a hybrid navigation system that can be used both as a portable device and an on-dash guide.

LG talks about HDTV, universal mobile TV

Las Vegas (NV) - During LG's press conference this morning, one of the main talking points was the company's new standard called "MPH" (mobile-pedestrian-handheld).

CES 2008 – 3DRadio, “Tivo” for radio

Just like the cone-shaped Powramid surge protector that we saw yesterday, 3DRadio is developing a product that has us wondering, “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?” – It’s a Tivo-like device for radio that can record and playback multiple streams of radio bands.  The radio will have multiple antennas which record AM, FM, Satellite and HD radio signals.

Surge strip 2.0 – the Powramid

Las Vegas (NV) – The decades-old surge strip is getting a face lift with Kreative Power’s six-outlet Powramid.  This cone-shaped surge protector has widely spaced outlets and comes with an eight-foot wall cord.  We wonder why didn't someone think of this earlier... the concept is so simple. Kreative Power's Powramid 

CES 2008 – Let the overcharging begin!

Las Vegas (NV) – Remember the days when Las Vegas used to be affordable?  Back in the 80s, you could get a decent buffet here for under $5, but now such deals are quite rare.  As we gear up for all the pre-CES show events to start, we are reminded that we should have brought a bag of cash because prices are as high as the Stratosphere Tower.

Dragon's Lair to make a comeback on PSP

Largely unknown developer United Coders has announced it will begin work on a PSP remake of the arcade classic Dragon's Lair, set to come out late this year.

Xbox Live users to get free XBL Arcade game

Following sluggish connection times and a slew of log-in errors over the holidays, Microsoft announced this week it will offer free downloadable games to Xbox 360 users.

Pepsi sponsors "eat healthy" game in Mexico

The obesity crisis in Mexico is dangerously close to where it is in the US, and a new idea has popped up with two major ironic players - a junk food company and video games.

Westinghouse unveils wireless HDTV

Users will soon be able to send high definition signals to their HDTV sets without any physical cable connection, thanks to a new partnership between Westinghouse Digital and semiconductor company Pulse Link.

Netflix confirms TV set-top box

Netflix will expand its operations beyond rental-by-mail and digital download services, as it has announced a plan to bring movies directly to user TV sets.

Nintendo DS game downloads to be powered by Wii

In the future, users will be able to download entire Nintendo DS games by accessing them on the Wii and then connecting wirelessly with the handheld device, according to Nintendo of America's president.

Running Linux on the Wii?

Persistent but clever hackers have finally discovered how to circumvent the Nintendo Wii's encryption safeguards, opening up the possibility of running 100% homebrew software on the little console.

LG Philips to release multi-touch LCD screens

LG Philips this week unveiled details about large flat-screen LCD TVs that will respond dynamically to touch.