As shipments continue growing, Sharp looks to make LCD TVs thinner and more energy efficient

Stranglehold video game advertisement banned

A watchdog group in the UK has prevented a violent ad from being shown on TV because it was "likely to be seen as encouraging and condoning violence."

EA's Spore will ship side-by-side on PC and Mac

Spore, the "universe in a box" game from The Sims creator Will Wright, has been confirmed for the Mac at this week's Macworld Expo.

Digital Playground drops HD DVD

HD DVD is losing support left and right, this time from the adult film studio Digital Playground.

New age ad firm gives free Wi-Fi to iPod, iPhone users

JiWire, a company specializing in supplying advertisements in exchange for wireless Internet access, announced today it has opened up its service to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Wii's Super Smash Bros Brawl delayed until March

Yes, it's true - Wii owners eagerly awaiting the video game mascot free-for-all will have to change the mark on their calendars from February 10 to one month later.

Apple upgrades Apple TV, announces iTunes rentals

Electric generators are usually very noisy and must be used outdoors, but start-up Powerair has developed a zinc pellet-powered generator that’s completely safe inside.

PC games playable on Playstation 3

Users with Linux installed on their PS3 can now stream any game from their PC to the gaming system.

Netflix launches all-you-can-eat movie streaming

Watching movies on your computer screen isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy watching films on your desk, then this may be the best offer yet: Unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes that is included with certain subscription plans.

Macbook, iTunes rental announcements expected at Macworld

CES is over and done with, leaving all eyes fixated on the looming Macworld convention as Apple fans ponder over what new gadgets will be unveiled.

Wii Fit hits one million sales in Japan

Nintendo's unique workout software for the Wii is already a smashing success in Japan, reaching a million unit sales since its launch last month.

HD DVD player prices plummet

Last week's CES was supposed to be an opportunity for the fledgling HD DVD to prove itself, but outside circumstances led to it being more of a death knell for the format, and now player prices are less than half of their respective pre-holiday MSRPs.

VIEVU, the wearable PVR made by cops

Las Vegas (NV) – Leave it up to some Seattle-based police officers to create THE coolest gadget we’ve seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.  The VIEVU PVR-PRO device is about the same size as a pager and it digitally records video with a flick of your fingers.  Snap the lens cover down and it’s recording, snap it back up and the recording stops.

Sony drops DRM on Amazon MP3

Sony BMG will be joining Amazon MP3 as the last of the four major music labels to offer music download without copy protection.

Iriver releases Swarovski edition of its Mickey Mouse MP3 player

Is the Consumer Electronics Show on its last leg?

Analyst Opinion - There were great events and some amazing things at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES. Warner Brothers started off by blind siding Toshiba with a move to go exclusively with Blu-Ray, Bill Gates set the date he would officially leave Microsoft with a great video, Intel pointed towards the future of really cool tiny computers and AMD brought out its Live Ultra home entertainment platform. But I still walked away with the impression that the grand CES may be dying.

Sony cancels 20 GB and 60 GB PS3s in Japan

CES 2008: Big TVs for a big show

CES 2008: Taiwan-based TV makers highlighting 42-inch and larger LCD TVs

CES 2008: Samsung OLED TVs coming in 2010