Guitar Hero becomes a billion-dollar franchise

Activision has announced that its Guitar Hero series of games has reached total sales of over $1 billion, claiming it has reached that milestone more quickly than any other game franchise.

White Playstation 3 coming to the US

The first new colored version of the PS3 is headed to North America, according to a filing with the FCC.

HBO to make Internet debut

Sony, Sharp offer free Blu-ray players, sorta

Chicago (IL) – The Blu-ray camp has responded to the rather dramatic HD DVD player price cut from last week this weekend: If you purchase certain LCD TV models, Sony and Sharp are throwing in a “free” Blu-ray player.Price has not been one of the advantages of Blu-ray players so far, but it appears that Sony & Co are beginning to take first shots at Toshiba on this battlefield as well. The ad package in your Sunday newspaper brought two especially interesting flyers – one from Sony and one from Best Buy.  

Sony gives a closer look at PS3 DVR functionality

London (England) - Sony has released more details on PlayTV, the service that allows users to turn their Playstation 3 into a digital video recorder and TV tuner. There is a new trailer for PlayTV that details how to connect the service to the console.  Users will need a special PlayTV set-top box, which receives the TV signal.  The box connects to the PS3 via USB.  It uses the PS3's hard drive, so users can have dozens of gigabytes worth of recorded videos.

Wii, DS finish 2007 on top

Once again, the Nintendo DS and Wii were the two top selling video game platforms in December 2007, earning combined unit sales of over 3.75 million.

Blu-ray outpaces HD DVD by more than 6-to-1 last week

Last week, Blu-ray had its best week ever with 85% of the high-def disc market share, according to trade publication Home Media Magazine.

Panasonic 103-inch HDTV sales reach 15 in 2007

Rock Band reaches 2.5 million song downloads

In just a couple months, users have downloaded over two million additional songs for the rhythm game sensation Rock Band, surpassing MTV's own expectations.

Bioshock nominated for 12 video game awards

Bioshock has received 12 nominations for next month's gaming awards at the DICE Summit, a new record, including game of the year.

BBC says it will still support both high-def formats

In a time where every HD DVD supporter seems to be expected to comment on recent events, BBC Home Video has said it will continue to release titles on both formats.

Independent developer XGen announces WiiWare plans

XGen Studios is one of the first to confirm it will create original game titles for Nintendo's digital download platform on the Wii.

As shipments continue growing, Sharp looks to make LCD TVs thinner and more energy efficient

Stranglehold video game advertisement banned

A watchdog group in the UK has prevented a violent ad from being shown on TV because it was "likely to be seen as encouraging and condoning violence."

EA's Spore will ship side-by-side on PC and Mac

Spore, the "universe in a box" game from The Sims creator Will Wright, has been confirmed for the Mac at this week's Macworld Expo.

Digital Playground drops HD DVD

HD DVD is losing support left and right, this time from the adult film studio Digital Playground.

New age ad firm gives free Wi-Fi to iPod, iPhone users

JiWire, a company specializing in supplying advertisements in exchange for wireless Internet access, announced today it has opened up its service to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Wii's Super Smash Bros Brawl delayed until March

Yes, it's true - Wii owners eagerly awaiting the video game mascot free-for-all will have to change the mark on their calendars from February 10 to one month later.

Apple upgrades Apple TV, announces iTunes rentals

Electric generators are usually very noisy and must be used outdoors, but start-up Powerair has developed a zinc pellet-powered generator that’s completely safe inside.

PC games playable on Playstation 3

Users with Linux installed on their PS3 can now stream any game from their PC to the gaming system.