Delkin’s ImageRouter reads four CF cards simultaneously

Las Vegas (NV) – Professional photographers can quickly fill up Compact Flash cards during sports events and model shoots, but transferring pictures from multiple cards has been a tedious process… until now.  Delkin has taken the wraps off of its ImageRouter that can read up to four CF cards simultaneously.  The router connects via the USB port and can even be daisy chained for the reading of up to 12 cards at a time.

Samsung’s tiny 1080P camcorder

Las Vegas (NV) – A few weeks ago Samsung announced its SC-HMX20C handheld camcorder that can record in 1080P resolution.  However, we never got around to playing with the gadget because Samsung’s booth was mobbed by drooling fans (heck we can’t blame them).  Fortunately, our redemption is at hand and here is our hands-on video from the PMA convention in Las Vegas.  The video has no spoken audio because we were just playing around with all the ports and buttons.

Skype on PSP goes live with firmware update

The top voice-over IP messenger program on the Internet is now available for the PSP, as the first major feature for the portable system that is only compatible with the newer slim models.

GT5 Prologue coming to PS3 on April 17

Chicago (IL) – Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, likely the most important game for the Playstation 3 so far, has received a launch date and a price tag.      

Nikon announces D60 compact DSLR, new Coolpix models

Nikon will begin offering the D60, an upgrade from the previously introduced D40 model, in March. The company is also offering five new Coolpix consumer cameras from $140 to $300.

Qtrax free music player disappoints

It’s not often that we put “sucks bad” in a title, but the beta Qtrax music player truly disappoints. After all the hype of allowing millions of freely playable songs, the so called “Songbird” beta program is excruciating slow, crashes often and doesn’t even offer any music.

Verizon tops 1 million FiOS TV subscribers

HD DVD buys Super Bowl ad

During next week's Super Bowl, viewers will be treated to an HD DVD commercial, but won't see any mention of the competing Blu-ray format.

PS3 version of Call of Duty 4 reaches two million copies

Call of Duty 4 has become one of three titles on the Playstation 3 to sell over two million units, reaching the milestone in less than three months.

Virtual Console games to appear in Wii Super Smash Bros

More than a half dozen classic Nintendo games will be playable in the highly anticipated upcoming Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Palm to shut down retail storefronts

All of Palm's 34 retail locations, including 26 within US airports, will be shut down in the coming months as the mobile device manufacturer faces continuing sales declines.

Qtrax to offer 25 million songs for free

iTunes better look out because a new music service will soon offer millions of songs for free.  New York-based Qtrax is launching a beta application that will aggregate up to 25 million songs from peer-to-peer networks.

Sega Master System hops to Wii Virtual Console

The latest vintage console to be revived on Nintendo's digital download platform will be Sega's first globally released system - the Master System.

THQ cancels Conrete Games studio, cancels title

British High Court prevents Manhunt 2 from UK release

The British High Court has ruled against the Video Appeals Committee's decision of releasing Manhunt 2, yet again preventing the game from hitting UK store shelves.

Sony partners with MTV to bring out fresh UMD content

In one of the most unexpected PSP announcements to date, Sony has created a partnership with MTV to create new UMD video discs, a format that has been considered dead for well over a year.

Wii injuries make headlines

A rash of injuries from the Nintendo Wii have been recently reported, citing osteopathic doctors who claim that middle-aged parents are at the highest risk.

HP, Sony in DVD deal

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has licensed “select” catalog titles from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) for production and distribution via HP’s “DVD manufactured-on-demand” service.

Update: Grand Theft Auto IV gets release date

Rockstar Games, the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series, the latest installment in the violent street life simulation franchise has just been confirmed for release on April 29.

InFocus introduces new projectors