Electronic Arts projects PS3 to outsell Xbox 360 this year

The largest video game publisher has released its estimates of 2008 console sales, projecting that the Xbox 360 will come in behind both the Wii and the Playstation 3.

Big lens overload at Nikon’s PMA booth

Alright I admit that I am a Canon guy (I got three of their cams and a bunch of lenses), so walking into the Nikon booth at the PMA show in Las Vegas felt a bit weird.  But any trepidation was washed away when I saw their demonstration setup of several of the company’s newest super telephoto lenses.

Sony Cybershot says President Bush smiles, Obama doesn’t

Most of the upcoming point-and-shoot cameras have some type of smile detection technology that will only fire a picture when a person smiles, but how accurate are these features?  At the PMA 08 show we tested out the Sony Cybershot’s “Smile Shutter” technology and found it to be quite finicky.

Nintendo DS gets a new color: Black

Sony enters digital photo frame market

Record 1080p videos with JVC’s new Everio

JVC announced two new Everio camcorders, both of which are capable to record videos in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Las Vegas (NV) – JVC announced two new Everio camcorders, both of which are capable to record videos in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

Parappa the Rapper creator to make encore on Wii

The rhythm game pioneer and creator of the cel-shaded hip hop artist is making a comeback, this time on the Wii, according to the game's official announcement from Majesco.

Playstation division finally turns a profit, sells 5 million PS3

Sony released its financial data for the last quarter in 2007, showing a $100+ million profit in the Playstation division for the first time since the Playstation 3 launch.

Look mom, no hands! We play around with the wireless picture transmitting Eye-Fi card.

Las Vegas (NV) – If you are tired of connecting USB cables or using card readers to transfer photos from your digital camera then Eye-Fi has the perfect solution for you.  The card fits in any SD card slot and has 2 GB of internal memory along with a 802.11 b/g transmitter.  Simply shoot a picture and the file is instantly beamed to your PC or Mac.  At the PMA 08 show in Las Vegas, we popped the card into one of our cameras and gave it a spin.

Tivo wins in Echostar lawsuit appeal

A federal court has confirmed that cable provider Echostar infringed on Tivo's copyrights and must pay more than $90 million in damages.

A close-up with the 21st century KITT

Man kills daughter after she broke his Xbox

Tyrone Spellman has been convicted of murdering his daughter, in an angry rage that was ignited because she knocked over his Xbox.

Canon’s HF10 camcorder hands-on

While everyone was playing  with Canon’s new Digital Rebels, we decided to go to the other end of the table and grab their upcoming HF10 flash-based camcorder.  Well, we could not take it too far away because it was tied down with a metal cable, but you get the point.  The HF10 has almost everything a prosumer could want in a cam, but the selling point for us was the amazing optical stabilization.

Delkin’s ImageRouter reads four CF cards simultaneously

Las Vegas (NV) – Professional photographers can quickly fill up Compact Flash cards during sports events and model shoots, but transferring pictures from multiple cards has been a tedious process… until now.  Delkin has taken the wraps off of its ImageRouter that can read up to four CF cards simultaneously.  The router connects via the USB port and can even be daisy chained for the reading of up to 12 cards at a time.

Samsung’s tiny 1080P camcorder

Las Vegas (NV) – A few weeks ago Samsung announced its SC-HMX20C handheld camcorder that can record in 1080P resolution.  However, we never got around to playing with the gadget because Samsung’s booth was mobbed by drooling fans (heck we can’t blame them).  Fortunately, our redemption is at hand and here is our hands-on video from the PMA convention in Las Vegas.  The video has no spoken audio because we were just playing around with all the ports and buttons.

Skype on PSP goes live with firmware update

The top voice-over IP messenger program on the Internet is now available for the PSP, as the first major feature for the portable system that is only compatible with the newer slim models.

GT5 Prologue coming to PS3 on April 17

Chicago (IL) – Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, likely the most important game for the Playstation 3 so far, has received a launch date and a price tag.      

Nikon announces D60 compact DSLR, new Coolpix models

Nikon will begin offering the D60, an upgrade from the previously introduced D40 model, in March. The company is also offering five new Coolpix consumer cameras from $140 to $300.

Qtrax free music player disappoints

It’s not often that we put “sucks bad” in a title, but the beta Qtrax music player truly disappoints. After all the hype of allowing millions of freely playable songs, the so called “Songbird” beta program is excruciating slow, crashes often and doesn’t even offer any music.

Verizon tops 1 million FiOS TV subscribers