Controversial benchmark maker announces arcade game

Ubisoft buys Tom Clancy – forever

French video game company Ubisoft has bought all intellectual property rights to the Tom Clancy name.  Clancy was paid an undisclosed lump sum and will also receive annual payments over the next two years.

BD-Live coming to the PS3

The Playstation 3 is likely to retain its reputation as the most popular playback platform for Blu-ray content as Sony announced that owners of the console will “soon” be able to upgrade to firmware version 2.20 which will add Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 support as well as improved interoperability with the Playstation Portable (PSP).

'Space Odyssey' author Clarke dies at 90

Best Buy to hand out $10 million in gift cards to HD DVD purchasers

Best Buy today said that it will be sending out $50 gift cards to apparently more than 200,000 of its U.S. customers who purchased HD DVD players and Xbox 360 HD DVD units before February 23 of this year.

Valve unites Epic Games, id Software and themselves under the same roof

Steam content distribution platform just became THE 800-pound gorilla in the world of digital distribution. Valve just announced that Epic Games signed with Steam, making this three out of three for founders of FPS gaming.

Recent writer’s strike may force Blu-ray prices down

A weekend spent in Hollywood can greatly help to learn about trends in the Consumer Electronics industry. Of course, Blu-ray was one of the main discussion topics and if you are currently frustrated about the high prices for players and movies, you may see much lower price tags very soon.

Lucas offers sneak peak at Star Wars Episode 2.5

Cyberathlete Professional League goes six feet under

Philips lifts price on upcoming Blu-ray player

Apple patent filings point to upcoming update of Apple TV

Playstation 3 climbs forward in February sales

The PS3 had one of its best months in February, selling over 280,000 units.  That barely edges out the Xbox 360's sales numbers, but is only around half of the number of Wii units sold in the same time period.  In February, NPD reports that the Wii was unsurprisingly the top console seller, reaching 432,000 units.  The PS3's 280,800 units put it in the number two spot, with the Xbox 360 reaching 254,600 units.

More Blu-ray players get DivX support

Lost Planet Colonies Edition confirmed for PC

Surprise: No Blu-ray for the Xbox 360

Opinion - Microsoft squashed speculations that there is a Blu-ray add-on for the Xbox 360 in the immediate future. But is the announcement really a surprise? Is there an immediate need for a Blu-ray drive in the Xbox 360 right now? While we believe that Microsoft has to take some responsibility for the failed HD DVD format by not offering an integrated drive for the console, we think it is not the worst decision to leave Blu-ray alone right now. What do you think? Here is some food for thought.

Sony dishes out PS3 2.17 firmware update

Everquest to celebrate 9th birthday

BioShock 2 in the works, arrives in 2009

During its quarterly conference, executives of 2K announced BioShock 2 and finally answered rumors of its sequel to the 2007 mega-hit, BioShock.  Three months ago, a new game development studio called 2K Marin opened its doors, and it was rumored that they are working on a sequel to BioShock. At the same time, the destiny of the 2K Boston/Australia team was uncertain, since head of 2K Boston, Ken Levine was stating that he is going to work on a sequel.

Take Two shareholder sues over EA buyout rejection

Earlier this year, Take Two Interactive rejected a buyout offer from Electronic Arts, and now a T2 stock owner is suing for not maximizing shareholders' equity.  EA offered Take Two a substantial premium over the company's current market value to buy the video game publisher outright.  However, Take Two said it was the wrong place and the wrong time to consider such an offer, and tried to keep negotiations secret.

Global IPTV subscriptions expected to pass 12 million at end of 2007