Xbox 360 firmware update preps console for added features

Microsoft today released a firmware upgrade for the Xbox 360, but it doesn't actually make any noticeable changes to the system.  Instead, it makes the 360 ready for some new features that will come out in the near future.  With the Xbox 360, Microsoft has essentially made it a policy to release one big firmware update during each season. 

Wii smashes March sales thanks to Super Smash Bros

Once again the Wii outsold the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, reaching its highest monthly sales since Christmas.  Despite continued console shortages, hardware sales rose likely because of the release of Super Smash Bros Brawl.  By far, Brawl was the #1 selling game last month, outselling the games from #2 to #7 on the list, combined.

GT5 Prologue: A $40 demo that will sell you a $400 PS3

Quick Take - The PS3 never should have been released without a new version of the Gran Turismo car driving simulator and if you had any doubts that this title is the single most important game for the PS3, the second demo version should be able to wipe out all of those concerns. Despite being incomplete, GT5 Prologue has set a new standard in car simulations and left us speechless after one day of driving fun. Here are our first impressions.> Also inside: Image gallery

PS3 projected to push past Xbox 360 in March

March consoles sales in the US have not been released yet, but analyst Michael Pachter predicts that once the numbers are in, the Playstation 3 will jump past the Xbox 360, but will be far away from the Wii.  With the release of the blockbuster game Super Smash Bros Brawl, which will no doubt prove to be the top seller last month, Pachter says the Wii will have outsold the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined.

Age of Conan available for preorder

Finetech Japan 2008: Sharp to up 10G production schedule

Finetech Japan 2008: Sony wants to outpace LCD TV market growth

The Sims passes 100 million sales mark

Electronic Arts today announced that its mega hit series The Sims has reached sales of over 100 million copies worldwide.  That's nearly one third of the entire United States population.  The Sims long ago reached the designation of being the top-selling PC game ever and gave rockstar status to series creator Will Wright.  Despite some lackluster expansions, namely home console iterations and The Sims Online, it continues to be a powerful game franchise.

Wii Fit to be most expensive Wii game to date

Nintendo today announced the last detail of the release of Wii Fit, its price.  When it launches on May 19, consumers will be shelling out $89.99 for a copy.  That will make it the most expensive Wii game in the US.  That's due to the fact that it will come packed with the new Wii Balance Board controller.

Playstation 3 firmware update arrives with enhanced PS Store

Sony has released the 2.30 firmware update for the Playstation 3, giving a major overhaul to the Playstation Store digital download platform.  Sony has not updated the store with new content for two weeks while it worked on the update.  Today's upgrade also adds DTS-HD Master Audio support for Blu-ray Discs.

Updated Nintendo DS model expected at E3

A new version of Nintendo's blockbuster DS handheld could well be revealed at this year's annual Electronic Entertainment Expo.  According to video game company Enterbrain, a new DS model may be on the way with added functionality, but it is unclear if it would be an official successor to the Nintendo platform.

Mysterious fatal PS3 error shows up online

A mysterious Playstation 3 error has reporedly caused problems for some users during faulty firmware installations, but Sony has said it isn't "aware of this issue."  The error could potentially cause fatal problems with the PS3 and corrupt the hard drive, according to media reports.

Mario to swing his way to Wii baseball game

Nintendo announced this week that it is working on a new Mario game for the Wii, this time pitting him in a baseball diamond with a whole slate of other Nintendo characters.  Mario Super Sluggers will be the latest in Mario's growing library of sports games, which includes Mario Kart, Mario Strikers and Mario Golf.

Apple TV: Game over or will there be a Take 3?

Apple once called its Apple TV "the DVD player for the 21st century". But when the reality distortion disappeared it was clear that consumers were not impressed. Even the biggest Apple aficionados didn't get it. What was the point of putting a "TV" in the name of a device that only streams music, photos and movie files from your computer to the TV? The Take 2 software update Apple focused on movie rentals and that fact alone seems to have put competitors on alert: Netflix said that it will launch its own set-top box and today we learned that Blockbuster is likely to do the same. Is it game over for Apple TV or will there be a Take 3 for the device?

Nintendo overtakes EA as top development studio

Next PS3 firmware to include DTS-HD Master Audio

The Playstation 3's firmware update slated for next week is anticipated because of its makeover to the online Playstation Store platform, but another big update will also be included with the ability to have high-end audio output for Blu-ray Discs.  With the new firmware, the PS3 will finally support DTS-HD Master Audio, which is considered just about the best audio technology available for video playback.

Blu-ray players to connect with iPod, iPhone

Interactive media company Netblender has reportedly created a new program for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows users to connect to their Blu-ray players via an Internet link.  The first player that will be open to this new technology is the Playstation 3, as it is the only player on the market right now with the latest playback functionality.

Ubisoft deal for exclusive Tom Clancy rights sealed

Ubisoft's exclusive acquisition of Tom Clancy material for video games for the forseeable future has been completed.  Marked as one of the publisher's biggest deals, it ensures that Ubisoft's line of Tom Clancy games will continue for years to come.  The contract was finalized by Los Angeles-based Greenberg Glusker, a law firm with specialized experience in dealing with large financial deals in the interactive entertainment industry.

Uwe Boll says he will stop making movies if one million signatures are collected

Sony to put an end to legacy online PS2, PSP titles

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the latest slate of Playstation 2 and PSP games that will no longer have support for online connectivity.  In total, 14 titles published by Sony will have their online operations shut down by the end of June, including a couple that were made exclusively for online play.