Bee Movie, other Paramount titles coming to Blu-ray

Paramount Pictures has announced its first slate of new Blu-ray Disc (BD) titles to come out starting May 20.  The studio originally supported both Blu-ray and HD DVD, and then pledged exclusivity to the latter.  Earlier this year, though, it swapped sides to go exclusively to BD despite a reported $50 million in incentives from the HD DVD group it received for supporting that format.  HD DVD was essentially declared dead shortly thereafter.

Sony’s new rumblepack: Worth the price?

Opinion – We have now had a few days with Sony’s new Playstation 3 controller, but are uncertain whether its new feature set justifies its high price tag. Your take??

Microsoft discounts Xbox 360 in Asia

Grand Theft Auto IV ships

Following weeks of growing hype and illegal downloads of the dame surfacing across the Internet, Rockstar Games and publisher Take Two today released Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Midway may become part of Viacom

Fourth generation of Samsung Blu-ray players on the way

Mario Kart Wii not all that great

First Look - This is prime time for the Wii right now.  With Super Smash Bros Brawl hitting stores last month, Wii Fit heading out in May and the new Wiiware digital download service poised to make a splash, it's a good season for Nintendo.

Nintendo DS downloads coming to Wii

Nintendo has announced that it will offer a new Wii Channel in May that will offer users the ability to download game demos directly to their DS, along with other features.  Planned for launch alongside the launch of the Wiiware download platform, the Nintendo Channel will also let users rate Wiiware games.

Second open source HD movie set to arrive on May 15

So you hear about open source software all the time, but what about open source movies? There are few who actually know that the first open source movie, Elephants Dream, created by the Orange Open Movie Project, made its debut back in 2006. The group’s second open source movie is scheduled to be released next month.

Wii consoles on average snatched up in one hour

According to Nintendo's American boss Reggie Fils-Aime, the average Wii system in the US stays on a store shelf for just one hour before someone picks it up and buys it.  In North America, the Wii continues to have a shortage like nothing ever seen for a gaming console.  Since the Wii launched in November 2006, it has been difficult to find the console at any retail store.

Nintendo annual sales reach nearly 50 million hardware units

Nintendo reported its fourth quarter results today, surpassing expectations as it reached nearly a billion dollars.  The Japan-based video game giant reported a net profit of 93.2 billion yen ($900 million) in the Jauary - March period.  During Nintendo's fiscal year, which runs from March to March, it achieved profits of over 257.34 billion yen ($2.5 billion), a new company record.

Illegal copy of Grand Theft Auto IV goes online

Rockstar's latest entry in the Grand Theft Auto series does not come out until next week, but some gamers are getting their GTA IV fill now because of a pirated version that was posted online.  The European PAL version of the Xbox 360 game has reportedly been ripped and posted to an online torrent site, which could then be burned to a disc and played on the Microsoft console.

LG Display to use energy saving function in full range of TV panels in H2 08

Rolling Stones "depend" on Macs and iPods

Epic confirms Unreal Tournament III Xbox 360 release date

The ultimate Star Wars gadget: R2-D2 projector in production

One of most original products we saw at this years' CES show in Las Vegas was a series of Star Wars gadgets, most notably Nikko’s R2-D2 webcam and almost life-size projector. We've have just received word from the company that both are in production and are available for order.

Judas Priest becomes first to offer full album on Rock Band

Rock Band has become a veritable treasure trove for artists new and old to strike a new consumer base, and now oldies rock group Judas Priest has taken it one step further.  The 1980s group has released its "Screaming For Vengeance" album in its entirety for the innovative Harmonix game.  Since its release several months ago, dozens of new tracks have been added as downloadable content.

Sony expands PS3 Home Beta, pushes back final release

The longest-delayed Playstation 3 title to date, Home, has been pushed back again to autumn 2008.  It was initially scheduled to be available in autumn 2007.  The ambitious online application has been in a closed beta test for over a year and has faced massive changes during that time, causing developers to continuously delay the final release.

Sony reportedly set to put movie downloads on PS3

Sony is close to launching a new online video download service for the Playstation 3 console, and it could be set up as early as this summer.  According to a report in the LA Times, Sony has been making headway in talks with movie studios and TV production companies over the last few weeks.

Electronic Arts extends Take-Two purchase offer

Electronic Arts' much-publicized offer to take over Take-Two was set to expire this week, but EA has decided to extend it to May 16, two weeks after Rockstar's crucial Grand Theft Auto IV comes out.  EA's bid, which was first proposed last month, was seen as a calculated attempt to cash in on GTA IV before it hit stores.  Now it will probably have to wait until after the fact, which could drive up the asking price for the New York-based publisher.