Blu-ray on Xbox reportedly set for September

Microsoft is moving forward with plans to bring Sony's Blu-ray format to its Xbox 360 console, according a report from Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News.  The paper claims that Microsoft has placed orders for an Xbox 360 console with a built-in Blu-ray Disc drive and is expected to ship them in the third quarter of this year.

Falling dollar leads to cheaper Canadian prices on PS Store

The last couple years aside, most Americans would probably only remember a Canadian dollar that was less valuable than the American dollar, sometimes even comically so.  Recently, though, the tables have turned and Canada's currency was at one point more valuable globally than that of the US.  As a result, Sony Computer Entertainment America has decided to adjust the prices of content on the Playstation 3 online store to reflect the new price discrepancy.

Hitachi ships out super-thin 1.5" plasma HDTVs

Hitachi today announced that its "1.5" line of plasma televisions will soon be making their way to retail stores.   They are among the thinnest HDTVs in the consumer marketplace with a depth of just 1.5 inches.  The slim plasmas are available in four sizes, from 32 inches to 47 inches in five inch increments.  In addition to making the casing much slimmer than most other plasma TVs, the new UltraThin displays have added technology that makes the picture seem clear from any angle, said Hitachi.

Analyst: HD DVD demise hasn't meant scramble for Blu-ray

Apple's iTunes sells movies on DVD release date

GTA IV: Most expensive game ever developed?

Anticipating the iPod killer

Analyst Opinion - In the second half of the year there will be a number of attempts to finally come up with an “iPod” killer. Interestingly enough, the product we should especially keep our eyes on will be the iPhone 2.0. What characteristics will make iPod owners switch, upgrade or not even buy an iPod in the first place?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are against GTA IV

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has issued a statement calling for the newly released Grand Theft Auto IV to be pulled from store shelves and assigned an "Adults Only" rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.  The activist group takes particular offense to the fact that it is possible for players to allow in-game characters to drink and drive.

Grand Theft Auto IV smashes one-day sales record in UK

In its first day on store shelves, more than 600,000 copies of Grand Theft Auto IV were sold in the UK, which is more than any video game in the past.  Grand Theft Auto is one of the most powerful franchises in the gaming industry, and is the crown jewel for its development company Rockstar.  The new installment, which is the first for the Xbox 360 and PS3, was expected to be even more successful than previous titles.

Uh-oh! Problems abound for PS3 GTA IV

In previous generations of video gaming, when a new title was released on multiple platforms there was rarely much discussion over which version to get.  If you were a PS2 fan, you should go ahead and get the PS2 version, etc.  However, with widely varying online services, different display and rendering technologies, and differentiated control schemes, multiplatform games are posing more of a debate, and Grand Theft Auto IV is showing that right out of the gate.

Crytek, Epic lost billions of dollars because of piracy

My former colleague Igor “Iggy” Gajic got the chance to interview Cevat Yerly, co-founder and CEO of Crytek. During the interview, Yerly was keen on keeping the lid of future projects, but he did not refrain himself from stating his views about the current state of PC gaming industry.

Wii Fit moves at 90 copies per minute in UK

Wii Fit was released in Europe over the weekend, and British retailer Woolworths says it immediately began "flying off the shelves."  According to the store chain, the game has been selling better at its launch than the Wii console itself did when it came out there last year.

Bee Movie, other Paramount titles coming to Blu-ray

Paramount Pictures has announced its first slate of new Blu-ray Disc (BD) titles to come out starting May 20.  The studio originally supported both Blu-ray and HD DVD, and then pledged exclusivity to the latter.  Earlier this year, though, it swapped sides to go exclusively to BD despite a reported $50 million in incentives from the HD DVD group it received for supporting that format.  HD DVD was essentially declared dead shortly thereafter.

Sony’s new rumblepack: Worth the price?

Opinion – We have now had a few days with Sony’s new Playstation 3 controller, but are uncertain whether its new feature set justifies its high price tag. Your take??

Microsoft discounts Xbox 360 in Asia

Grand Theft Auto IV ships

Following weeks of growing hype and illegal downloads of the dame surfacing across the Internet, Rockstar Games and publisher Take Two today released Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Midway may become part of Viacom

Fourth generation of Samsung Blu-ray players on the way

Mario Kart Wii not all that great

First Look - This is prime time for the Wii right now.  With Super Smash Bros Brawl hitting stores last month, Wii Fit heading out in May and the new Wiiware digital download service poised to make a splash, it's a good season for Nintendo.

Nintendo DS downloads coming to Wii

Nintendo has announced that it will offer a new Wii Channel in May that will offer users the ability to download game demos directly to their DS, along with other features.  Planned for launch alongside the launch of the Wiiware download platform, the Nintendo Channel will also let users rate Wiiware games.