Metallica repents, sort of

Sony plans TVs that will eliminate set-top boxes

BestBuy offers $100 coupon with $350 Blu-ray player

ID Software jumps from sinking ESA ship

ID Software, the makers of legendary games like Doom and Castle Wolfenstein, has declined to renew its membership in the Entertainment Software Association.  This adds to a long list of big-name game studios like Activision/Vivendi (which includes Blizzard Entertainment) and LucasArts that have also cancelled their memberships from the troubled video game group. 

Sony and Samsung Electronics LCD TV price war causing others to look to PDP

Amazon cuts Kindle price by 10%, throws in free shipping

Amazon has modestly cut the price its Kindle E-Book reader.  Barely released late last year, the white hand-held reader is now 10% off at $359 and buyers will also receive free two-day shipping.  Amazon hasn’t released an official statement about the price cut (at least not yet), but this should provide a decent boost in sales for anyone sitting on the fence.  Heck, I’m putting my Mastercard deeper in the red by buying mine today.

Microsoft: Blu-ray “not taking off”

Once again, Microsoft has squashed rumors that a Blu-ray drive for a refreshed Xbox 360 may be in the works. The company believes that DVD will remain the more important optical format at this time and that the real format battle may be fought online.

Denon announces “affordable” expensive Blu-ray player

GTA IV voice actor complains about being paid peanuts

Greenpeace confirms hazardous materials in game consoles

Greenpeace today released detailed numbers on the concentration of hazardous materials used to manufacture the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii game consoles. The good news is that the findings reflect previous hazmat results from notebook tests, but the report indicates that each manufacturer has a lot of room to reduce the concentration of materials such as lead, chromium, bromine or cadmium in its products.   

Nintendo Wii killing off Japanese arcades

Napster offers six million DRM-free songs

Are you tired of downloading MP3 songs with pesky DRM protection?  Well Napster, yes that Napster, is now offering more than six million music tracks without any restriction.  The company launched its new music store today and every song will cost 99 cents and albums will be $9.95 each.

Is ‘Roku’ the formula to solve the movie download dilemma?

Netflix and Roku today introduced a movie streaming box that, for the very first time, may attract the mass market to rent movies via the Internet and not via a store or by mail: The Roku box sells for $100 and all-you-can-eat download plans start at $9 per month. Is it convincing enough?

Schlage plans Z-Wave web-enabled door locks

JVC launches YouTube camcorder

New Yorkers first to get their hands on Nintendo’s Wii Fit

Nintendo today officially launched its Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit application, which transform the game console into a virtual wellness center. Wii Fit launches today in New York and will be introduced countrywide on Wednesday.

Electronic Arts extends takeover deadline

Electronic Arts to comment on Take-Two hostile bid today

Video game juggernaut Electronic Arts will comment on its failed hostile takeover bid of Take-Two Interactive today.  Executives are expected to speak to the media before the opening of US stock markets and many analysts believe the company will extend the $2 billion offer which expired last Friday.

Samsung demos 82” 2160p HDTV

Samsung draws attention at this year’s Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium with a 82” Quad HDTV that offers four times the resolution of today’s 1080p high definition TVs.

AMD’s best idea in years: Want to play?

There is not a whole lot coming out of AMD that can get you excited and there is a good chance that the company’s latest pitch, which does not even include a new product, may cause little more than a yawn here and there. But we are convinced that AMD’s Game! campaign is the best idea the company had in some time and provides an answer for many people to the question why they should buy and AMD PC and not an Intel system.