Digital Playground starts shooting adult movies in 12 megapixels

Vinyl records are making a comeback

Portland (OR) – You just might see vinyl records being sold the next time you visit your favorite music store.  Several retailers are bringing back these ‘blasts from the pasts’ and for one chain, Fred Meyer, it started with an employee data entry error.

Amazon offers $14 Blu-ray disc titles

Sapphire joins the 2160p LCD TV party

Not that you could really take advantage of the resolution of a quad HDTV today, but just in case you want to run a video game in 8.3 megapixel resolution – four times what current 1080p TVs offer - on a 56” display, Sapphire will be the second company we know of that is actually selling such a display. The bragging rights of owning such a TV come at a hefty price, of course.

Computex 2008: Aiptek reveals mini projector and camera photo frame

Sanyo releases 1080i Xacti camcorder

Crytek announces Crysis Warhead

Acer targets Alienware and others with ‘Predator’ – RAWR!

The name Acer doesn’t usually bring images of fast and sexy computers, but the company hopes its new Predator computer line will propel it into the hands of wealthy enthusiasts and high-end gamers.  The Aspire G7700 Predator case resembles something out of a sci-fi movie with its orange paintjob and lift up front panel.

Painter of light gets his own LCD TV

Imagine you are enjoying the scenery in that Thomas Kinkade painting in one moment and grab the remote control in the next to exchange the picture for your evening TV news cast. Samsung believes such a scenario would open a niche in the LCD  TV market and presented a prototype LCD TV that acts as a huge picture as well as a common LCD TV. 

Power bills Soaring? Turn off the Playstation: Study

Go retro with vacuum tube speaker amps

Get a blast from the past with these vacuum tube speaker amplifiers from BTX Technology.  The M30 HI-FI Vacuum Tube Audio System consists of two speaker amps (one for each channel) and two speakers.  Each amp can handle up to 30 watts and have a frequency response of 15 Hz to 40 KHz.  As you can see in the pictures, the tubes do get very hot and even in the sweltering Computex Hall 1, we could easily feel the heat radiating away.

Toshiba skips Blu-ray, enhances DVD instead

Toshiba may have lost the high-definition format war to Sony, but the company is not yet ready to build Blu-ray players, at least not officially. In a rather surprising turn of events, Toshiba reverts back to the DVD: According to a newspaper article, the company plans to release a DVD player capable of displaying high-resolution video by the end of this year.

Metallica repents, sort of

Sony plans TVs that will eliminate set-top boxes

BestBuy offers $100 coupon with $350 Blu-ray player

ID Software jumps from sinking ESA ship

ID Software, the makers of legendary games like Doom and Castle Wolfenstein, has declined to renew its membership in the Entertainment Software Association.  This adds to a long list of big-name game studios like Activision/Vivendi (which includes Blizzard Entertainment) and LucasArts that have also cancelled their memberships from the troubled video game group. 

Sony and Samsung Electronics LCD TV price war causing others to look to PDP

Amazon cuts Kindle price by 10%, throws in free shipping

Amazon has modestly cut the price its Kindle E-Book reader.  Barely released late last year, the white hand-held reader is now 10% off at $359 and buyers will also receive free two-day shipping.  Amazon hasn’t released an official statement about the price cut (at least not yet), but this should provide a decent boost in sales for anyone sitting on the fence.  Heck, I’m putting my Mastercard deeper in the red by buying mine today.

Microsoft: Blu-ray “not taking off”

Once again, Microsoft has squashed rumors that a Blu-ray drive for a refreshed Xbox 360 may be in the works. The company believes that DVD will remain the more important optical format at this time and that the real format battle may be fought online.

Denon announces “affordable” expensive Blu-ray player