Toshiba to launch Internet-enabled DVD player?

A new DVD logo released by the DVD Forum has added to the speculation surrounding Toshiba’s HD-enabled DVD player that is expected to become available later this year. The organization chaired by Toshiba approved the “DVD Download DL” logo during its most recent Steering Committee meeting.

Mitsubishi announces LCD TV with integrated 16-speaker surround sound system

If you have been trying to figure out how to run cables through your walls to set up a surround sound system for your TV or if you just don’t like the look of speakers scattered over your family, this may be an interesting alternative. Mitsubishi’s new 120 Hz LT-series already integrates a surround sound speaker system.

WarGames celebrates 25th anniversary with special showings

Rhapsody drops DRM, gives away 100,000 free albums

Real Networks relaunched its Rhapsody music store and follows the general trend of leaving DRM copy protection behind. But Rhapsody has a few other new features as well – such as a full-length preview of songs as well as iTunes and cellphone compatibility.   

July 2 PS3 firmware update to deliver in-game XMB, trophies

Diablo 3 to continue war between heaven and hell

Blizzard Entertainment today announced Diablo III, another sequel to a fantasy role playing game that was released more than eleven years ago and became the most successful video game of its time.

Juice your gadgets with a hand-cranked battery

Sony greens the Playstation 3

The Playstation 3 can be a significant contributor to your power bill, but Sony is reacting to recent criticism with a third-generation hardware version that we will be shipping this holiday season. According to media reports, the updated console will consume about 10 – 20% less power than current systems.

Apple to introduce remote control application for iPhone/iPod touch

The latest iTunes 7.7 beta released yesterday indicate that Apple's plans to offer a free iPhone/iPod touch application called Remote. The software is believed to turn the iPhone or iPod touch into a Wi-Fi control device for iTunes media that are stored on a Mac or PC desktop.

Playstation 3 to get movie downloads this summer

Sony will is ready to expand the content for its Playstation 3 (PS3) game console with a movie download service, the company said earlier today.

GTA ‘Hot Coffee’ lawsuit means big bucks for lawyers, small change for regular folks

The lawsuit over the inclusion of sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is turning out to be a big payday for lawyers, but buyers of the game will get very little.  You may remember the minor scandal a few years back where players of the game could unlock some steamy scenes with third-party software.  Some people were so offended that they filed a class action lawsuit against Rockstar Games and its parent Take-Two Interactive.  But now it’s apparent that the real winners in this case aren’t the offended gamers (of which there are actually very few).

Microsoft: The Windows-based PC is the largest gaming platform in the world

Prior to Microsoft’s “Big Picture” gaming showcase held today in San Francisco, corporate vice president John Schappert reminded us that, despite what you may have heard, the Windows PC is the world’s dominant gaming platform. Expect another big push from Microsoft to defend the Windows PC against game consoles. 

JVC introduces super slim, eco-friendly LCD TVs

JVC announced new slim LCD TVs as part of the company’s Procision series. What makes these 1080p TVs special is not just their thin form factor, but their reduced power consumption: The 42” LT-42SL89 and the 46” LT-46SL89 are promised to consume less than 200 watts, which means you don’t have to feel quite so guilty about their power ratings.

Slower economy to hit big screen TV sales

Apple TV gets unofficial SSD upgrade

Sharp’s 108” LCD TV on sale for $185,000

Sharp recently announced that it will begin selling its 108” LCD TV in the U.S. in September and if you are planning on buying Sharp’s 108” TV you may want to hold off on that next Ferrari.

Sega’s ‘BabeBot’ to cure loneliness in single males

PlayStation 3 getting trophies, in-game XMB

United Airlines adds iPod/iPhone connectivity

Age of Conan set for fast expansion