2K bringing back 1994's Colonization

2K is bringing back a serious blast from the past, Colonization from 1994.  Under the name Civilization IV: Colonization, the game will use the Civilization IV Gamebryo engine which means low hardware demands and a lot of strategic thinking. The game features several nations to colonize and manage, but the basic premise remains the same: pick your race, territory and begin to create a nation.

PC and Xbox 360 players battle in new Take-Two MMO

PC and Xbox 360 gamers have typically stayed on their respective platforms, but an upcoming MMO game from Take-Two Interactive promises to change all that.  he future of entertainment lies in crossover titles that join gaming platforms together. If there was any doubt, take a look at latest title from developers of well-known City of Heroes/City of Villains MMO series.

What Microsoft does not want you to know about Netflix streaming

Opinion – Earlier this week, Microsoft and Netflix announced that movie streaming will be coming to the Xbox 360. This could be a big deal. But if you are really interested in watching Netflix content on your Xbox, you don’t have to wait and you don’t have to pay twice. If you have an Xbox 360 and a Windows Vista PC, you have everything you need to stream Netflix movies already.

World of Warcraft update adds addiction curbing alarms

World of Warcraft players now have some extra tools to help them put down their virtual crack pipes.  Yesterday, an update to WoW added time displays and alarms that warn players when they have exceeded their allotted playing time.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for truly addicted players, the alarms have no real consequences because they are a simple ‘DING’ sound and some optional text.

Redmond, we have a problem: Sony just cut the price of the PS3

The game console market is getting more interesting: Following Microsoft’s time-limited price cut of the Xbox 360 Premium, Sony has announced an upgrade of its 40 GB console to 80 GB, which could be interpreted as a permanent price cut of the flagship 80 GB Playstation 3, despite the loss of PS2 compatibility. The decision between an Xbox 360 and a PS3 is now much less a question of cost, but a question of how much the Xbox’ entertainment features or the PS3’s Blu-ray drive are worth to you. 

Nintendo rocks the house at E3, touts console and handheld supremacy

Nintendo literally rocked the house at their E3 press conference with music, games and even some stuffy business apps for the DS handheld.  In what has become a typical E3 scene, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto were treated as the demigods of the gaming industry by the audience at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood California.  The pair, along with Nintendo of America’s President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime, slammed home the message that Nintendo, the Wii and the DS aren’t fads and they certainly have the marketing numbers to prove it.

Netflix coming to your Xbox 360

We have our doubts about Microsoft’s Xbox 360 strategy, which, in our opinion, lacks focus. But we cannot deny that the company has just made a brilliant move. Top-level Xbox Live subscribers, who are also Netflix subscribers, will be able to stream Netflix content through the console with no additional cost. Well, at least sort of. Could the Xbox 360 become what the Windows Media Center PC should have been? Absolutely.

Microsoft exec says Xbox 360 will outsell the PS3 - update

Microsoft says its Xbox 360 will eventually outsell both the PlayStation 3 globally.  Speaking at its Xbox press conference at the E3 gaming conference, Microsoft’s senior vice president of entertainment, Don Mattrick, said the Xbox 360 hardware was in “fantastic shape”.  He touted the consoles impressive installed base in the United States and made an interesting prediction.

Bungie.net down – New Halo coming?

Nintendo draws first blood at E3

E3 has always been the venue of dueling press conferences and announcements and Nintendo has drawn first blood.  While reporters were waiting to enter the Microsoft press conference, Nintendo announced that it will be releasing an accessory for their Wiimote controller that will enhance its tracking and sensitivity.

PhaseOne’s $42,000 digital camera

Let’s assume you have $40,000 lying around to spend on a gadget. What could you buy? You could get a full-featured Kaleidescape home entertainment center or Barco’s 56” Quad-HDTV. You could get two Toyota Prius hybrids, one for your spouse and one for yourself. You could buy an 18th century bottle of Chateau Lafite wine to enjoy the entertainment your existing gadgets provide. Or, you could buy a PhaseOne digital camera – with a 65 megapixel sensor.Copenhagen (Denmark) – Let’s assume you have $40,000 lying around to spend on a gadget.

Microsoft phases out 20 GB Xbox 360, intros 60 GB version

As expected, Microsoft dropped the price of its 20 GB Xbox 360 Pro (Premium) game console by $50 to $299.99. However, the price drop isn’t permanent as it is designed to quickly clear the inventory of these models to make room for a new 60 GB version. As soon as the 20 GB consoles are gone, you will be paying just as much as you would have before.

Porn industry takes a steamy first shot at the iPhone

There is lots of talk about Apple’s new App Store and there are indications that software for the iPhone could become what iTunes has become for the iPod: Not only a promotional tool to drive hardware sales, but a platform that brings in lots of extra dollars. Those 500 applications available today (if you were lucky enough to activate your fancy new iPhone) are what most of us would call clean and conservative. But the adult film industry isn’t sleeping: Market leader Digital Playground is the first major studio to announce that “steamy” content can now be delivered right to your iPhone.

Microsoft to unveil DirectX 11 at XNA Gamefest

Microsoft will take the wraps off DirectX 11 at its annual XNA Gamefest, which is scheduled to take place on July 22 and 23 in Seattle, TG Daily has learned.

$1000 Belkin box promises wireless HD video and audio

Cables, lots of cables, are the hallmark of our modern living room, but Belkin has a up-market solution for all your wire woes.  The company has announced its FlyWire system which wirelessly transmits HD video and audio anywhere in your home.  Operating in the 5 GHz band, the FlyWire has frequency hopping and is robust enough, according to Belkin, to transmit 1080p video “with no latency”.

Microsoft director calls Nintendo Wii a novelty

Sure the Nintendo Wii massively outsells the Xbox 360 every month, but a Microsoft director says the Wii isn’t a direct competitor.  Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s director of product management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, told Gamasutra that the Sony PlayStation 3 is the arch nemesis of the 360.  He added that the 360 had more hard core hardware, something that gamers would graduate to from the Nintendo Wii.

Fixed: PlayStation 3 firmware 2.41 now available

Sony pulls PS3 2.40 firmware after reported problems

PlayStation 3 system update 2.4 impressions

Microsoft slashing price of Xbox 360 model