DirectX 11 promises to unlock the horsepower in multi-core CPUs and enable GP GPUs

Interview - Last week, Microsoft held its annual XNA Gamefest developers conference.  During the conference, Microsoft announced major changes for its Games for Windows Live service. Also, the company announced DirectX 11, which is considered to be key API for next generation of PC and console games. We got the opportunity to chat with Microsoft’s Windows gaming guy about these changes and how they will affect the platform and gamers. And we learned that DX11 is perhaps the DX that should have been released with Windows Vista.

Dell aims at the iPod, again

Dell is ready to return to the MP3 player battlefield and take another shot at Apple’s iPod.  Following the Digital Jukebox (Dell DJ), which was introduced in 2003 and scrapped in 2006, Dell apparently believes that it has now what it takes to compete with the iPod for market share.

Dell opens an era of more affordable 24-inch displays

Dell Corporation started shipping its first monitor from the 2009 line-up. Under the name S2409W, the monitor has a 16:9 LCD display with full 1920x1080 resolution.

Sony releases vague PS3 2.42 firmware update

Batman and Superman to join forces in new MMO. KAPOW!

You’ll soon be able to fight alongside Batman, Superman or even The Joker in an upcoming MMO based on the DC comics universe.  The aptly-named DC Universe Online is being developed by Sony Online Entertainment and will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and PCs.  Players will be able to step into the legendary universe and more than 60 years worth of comic book history as they create heroes and villains with customizable powers and appearances.  An early version of the game is currently being shown off at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego up until July 27th.

New York’s new video game labeling law has no teeth

New York’s Governor David Paterson has signed a new video game labeling law that critics claim is too lenient and too broad.  The law will require visible labeling on video games sold in retail stores and will also create an advisory panel to study game ratings and the link between violent games and crime.  Game console makers will also be forced to include parental lockout features by 2010.

Samsung announces fancy new plasma TVs

Microsoft woos amateur games developers

Saving TV advertising the TiVo way

Nintendo sorry for lackluster E3, hardcore 'misunderstanding'

Microsoft Games for Windows LIVE multiplayer features now free

Microsoft is hosting its XNA Gamefest conference in Seattle, and first news is coming in. Prepare yourself, it's big. First of all, starting with today, all Games for Windows - LIVE multiplayer services are completely free. Achievements, TruSkill matchaking, cross-platform play with Xbox 360 (on cross-platform games, such as Champions Online) - all of the features that went with GfW – LIVE Gold service became free. This is a logical move, since users of PC platform pay for operating system, while owners of Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles get their operating system for free (well not exactly free, but it’s integrated into the price).

Sony gets more aggressive, sets 150 million unit target for PS3

After a very rocky start, Sony is now much more optimistic about the sales potential of its game console: Sony hopes the PS3 will outsell the PS2 eventually.

The best thing we saw at E3 – D-BOX’s rocking chair on steroids

Most of E3 was pretty ho hum, but D-BOX, a small company from Quebec, showed us what can only be described as "rocking chairs on stereoids". D-BOX is not the first company to offer interactive racing or flying seats, but products we tested offered quite a compelling experience.

Blast from the past: Apogee announces Duke Nukem trilogy

Legendary software publisher, Apogee, is coming back from the grave with a vengeance. Apogee owns or co-owns a lot of heroes from the 1980s and 1990s and the company now looks to develop new versions or remakes of titles from the dawn of gaming and the first one will be Duke Nukem Trilogy.

Update: The Dark Knight shatters box office records

Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Dark Knight set several new box office records during its opening weekend: The latest Batman movie had the biggest opening day, the biggest opening weekend and drove overall Hollywood box office weekend sales of the top 12 titles above a quarter of a billion dollars for the first time.

Dark Knight tickets selling for $100+ on eBay and Craigslist

World of Warcraft adding achievements to woo bored players

While World of Warcraft is the biggest MMORPG on the market, many players are a bit tired of the traditional hack and slash grind.  Furthermore, life at level 70 can be a bit boring at times – sure you can get money and gear, but there really isn't that much difference between having 5000 gold or 100,000 gold, especially when you already own everything else.  Now Blizzard Entertainment has announced the addition of achievements to the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Expansion.

Sony and Amazon team up to deliver video everywhere

As part of its "video everywhere" strategy, Sony plans to marry Internet-equipped Bravia HDTVs with Amazon's new video-on-demand service to fight off increasing pressure from set-top box vendors. It is another try to convince consumers of the benefits of video-on-demand (VoD). No matter how you look at it, VoD looks like a matter of time and the days of your local video store may be counted. Even the recently more and more visible video kiosks may be sailing into an uncertain future.

ESA reveals An Inconvenient Truth about the gaming industry

After listening for years that games are mostly played by teens, Entertainment Software Association came forward today and released their annual booklet of facts.  The booklet titled "Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry in 2008" is 14 mind-numbing pages filled with facts about the US video game industry – and some of those facts are definite eye-openers.

PicoPC offers Windows XP embedded in home theater setting