Takei, Curry, McCarthy, others starring in Command & Conquer Red Alert 3

Netbooks and MIDs need some Apple Magic

Analyst Opinion - Given the number of problems the iPhone had, the device was lucky to have been brought to market by Apple. Any other company would be dead in the market. Battery life is terrible, the connectivity is unreliable, the MobileMe application deleted email for large numbers of users and weeks after the launch it is still having issues. But the iPhone also shows that Apple marketing, packaging, and overall user experience can overcome almost any obstacle. And it may be exactly what Netbooks and MIDs need.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 slaps Sony’s PS3 in Japan

Once again, it is an exclusive game title that is the decisive factor in console sales. In this case, it is worth a special note, as the Xbox 360 sold almost three times more units as the PS3 over the course of one week. Nationally and internationally, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 seem to be involved in a dead heat with sales advantages shifting almost every month. Who will make the winning move?

Toshiba’s new Blu-ray beater is a … DVD player

Toshiba today announced its “near HD” DVD player, which effectively succeeds the company’s HD DVD players that were removed from the market earlier this year. Toshiba’s first XDE player will debut later this month, are promised to offer better image quality than standard DVD players for a price that is twice that of other 1080p upconverting DVD players, but only half the price of Blu-ray players.

Spore gone gold, arrives on September 7

Lian-Li solves Xbox 360 overheating dilemma

Most, if not all problems the Xbox 360 console had over the past several years were related to the fact that Microsoft chose a cost-effective, but very weak cooling solution. If you're willing to void your warranty, Lian-Li has a solution for you.

Dymo whips up beautiful color disc covers in about a minute

Disc labelers aren’t anything new and they certainly aren’t the most exciting things to report on, but we saw a nifty little labeler from Dymo that could churn out full color covers in just one minute.  The company showed off the hand-held printer at the Siggraph trade show and told us that almost any type of inkjet-friendly disc can be used. 

Eco Ego: Teaching environmental responsibility early

Blizzard’s President apologizes for Blizzcon ticket fiasco

Blizzard Entertainment’s President and co-founder, Mike Morhaime, publically apologized today for the company’s Blizzcon ticket buying meltdown.  Tickets to the fan convention were scheduled to start on Monday after midnight, but website and other server crashes delayed that until late morning.  Crashes continually brought down the ticket buying site for the next two days until Blizzard suddenly closed sales.  Morhaime posted his apology on the World of Warcraft homepage and said 3000 extra tickets will now be sold on a lottery system.

iFrenzy continues: Speakal launches iPig docking station

New Lara Croft is more than just a model

Unlike previous Lara Croft models that mostly came from the world of fashion or acting, the new face of Tomb Raider: Underworld has a different talent.

How the U.S. Olympic swimming relay team compares to Dell’s MP3 player

Analyst Opinion - I was watching the Olympics over the weekend and couldn’t help but cheer when the US swim team beat the French. Going in, the U.S. team was clearly overmatched – yes, they had a couple strong swimmers, but as a team they were underpowered.  The French team, feeling deservedly confident, publically disparaged the U.S. team and indicated they would “smash” the U.S. team. Well, that isn’t what happened, now is it?  In fact the victory likely wouldn’t have been anywhere near as sweet had the French been a bit more modest. In that sense, I couldn’t help but think of the initial reaction of the Apple faithful to the WSJ article on Dell’s new MP3 strategy. Apple’s FUD machine seemed to go overtime, particularly after it learned that I had been briefed and provided a few minutes of feedback on the product.  

Madden NFL 09 in stores

Shutterfly flutters into social networking offering

Shutterfly, an Internet veteran that sports an online photo site, is going Web 2.0 as it plunges into a new social network offering. The company is calling this new offering Shutterfly Share Sites.

Blizzcon ticket sales collapse Blizzard store

Hitachi kicks out triple media Blu-ray camcorder

Is your iPhone 3G worth a $14,990, diamond-studded case?

Does the idea of a cheap iPhone 3G case make you think twice about wrapping your new phone in it? How about if the case were set with diamonds and projected to cost you around $15,000? That's the idea of this new Diamond Case from Noreve.

Universal challenges iTunes with free music streaming service

Universal is challenging Apple’s iTunes with a new music service dubbed Total Music. The site provide free, ad-supported music streaming, allowing anyone to embed the service on their own site. Its goal: To derail iTunes.

Steve Jobs and Calvin in a cartoon

EA to release Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning on September 18

Electronic Arts today announced that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will go live in next month and will be marketed via various subscription models that will cost at least $13 per month.