Nintendo rolls out much more versatile Nintendo DSi

Game consoles are not just for gaming anymore. If we look at devices such as the iPhone, which also wants a share of the gigantic mobile gaming market, it is clear that mobile devices will have to become universal entertainment devices with much more functionality of current devices: Nintendo made a huge step into that direction with the unveiling of the new DSi today. The new console merges gaming with some practical applications (web browsing, shopping) and entertainment (camera and image editing). Extra: SLIDESHOW

Rumor mill: Playstation 4 to focus on cost reduction, Wii

Japanese website PC Watch has published a (very) speculative outlook on the possible inner workings of the next Playstation, which may arrive sooner than expected, given the high cost and limited success of the current Playstation 3. The key message: Sony will cut down the production cost of the device and will compete much more in the market that Nintendo opened with the Wii. 

Nintendo preps a new sub-$189 DS

Following on the heels of Sony’s recently announced update for the Playstation Portable, Nintendo said it will be refreshing its DS mobile gaming console. The pimped DS is scheduled to be introduced this Thursday in Japan and wills port a camera, a music player capabilities and enhanced wireless connectivity.

Start backing up your music: Wal-Mart shuts down DRM servers

Wal-Mart informed its customers that it will be shutting down its DRM servers on October, which should be perceived as good news by customers. But some users may be left with somewhat useless music files that were purchased before February of this year: DRM-packed songs that will not be backed up until October 9 cannot be transferred to another PC thereafter and cannot be recovered in the case of a system crash of a new installation of the PC.

Sling Media finally slings Slingbox PRO-HD into retail

Sling Media at long last is now making available for purchase the HD version of its popular Slingbox media streaming box. It is called the Slingbox PRO-HD and you'll find it on sale for around $300.

SonyEricsson to fire up unlimited music downloads

SonyEricsson is getting into the unlimited music downloads arena with the pending launch of its new PlayNow plus service. You'll have to wait for it though in most markets, as it will initially be kicking off only in Sweden with mobile operator Telenor by the end of the year.

Garmin slaps Team Garmin colors on GPS bike computer

GPS manufacturer Garmin is adding a new twist to its line of Edge cycling computers today by unveiling a Team Garmin model.

Pentax waves new DSLR System around for newbies

Pentax has announced a new DSLR system, which reportedly will fit the needs of consumers who want to "transition from a point-and-shoot digital camera to digital SLR photography." The price for this transition, if you follow the Pentax path, will run you around $700 come November.

SlotMusic: Can microSD cards replace audio CDs?

There is little doubt that music downloads will take over most of the audio CD sales volume sooner or later. The music industry seems to have accepted that trend and while it may give up on the audio CD, it isn’t ready to give up on physical media sales yet. Four major publishers announced a new media format that will be compatible with PCs, cellphones and other portable devices: Flash memory cards will soon be sold with preloaded, DRM free music.

Sony intros HD radio with iTunes tagging

Sony went Apple-crazy today with three new products with iPod/iPhone docks. And remember that we complained just last week that Microsoft’s Zune has an edge over Apple’s iPod with a tagging feature for songs played over the FM radio receiver? That is still the case, but Sony has come up with a fancy new HD radio that allows iPod/iPhone users to tag songs for to download them from iTunes later. 

Blu-ray on the cheap: Memorex has a $269 player

Ok, let’s not go overboard here: $269 for a family room movie player isn’t exactly cheap. But the new Memorex MVBD-2510 follows the trend of decreasing Blu-ray player prices, despite recent remarks of the Blu-ray Disc Association that Blu-ray isn’t going to be cheap anytime soon. In fact, there are at least five different Blu-ray player models in the U.S. market sell for less than $300.

Digital downloads, DVDs and DVRs slowing Blu-ray growth

Blu-ray is strangling itself with high prices and an old fashioned distribution system.  That’s the conclusion we came up with while listening to industry analysts and executives at the DisplaySearch/NPD HDTV conference in Los Angeles.  Sure, Blu-ray effectively vanquished HD-DVD back in January, but people just aren’t switching to the format quickly enough.  The format faces stiff competition from DVDs, DVRs and digital copy and this has forced Blu-ray player.  This has slowed Blu-ray adoption and has forced Blu-ray disc and player prices to remain high, according to Andy Parsons, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association.

$1000 will buy you a Kodak OLED wireless picture frame

With the likes of Sony continuing to push the production of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED), it is no wonder we are seeing this display technology push into related consumer electronics categories. Kodak is laying claim to a first in this regard, unveiling what it says is "the world’s first consumer-available wireless picture frame" featuring OLED technology.

Very few DTV coupons redeemed – study

United States television broadcasts will become all digital early next year, but most consumers aren’t taking advantage of free government money to upgrade their old analog television sets.  According to a study released by DisplaySearch/NPD, only 6% of consumers have redeemed their DTV coupons from the federal government.  That means there will be an estimated 25 million television sets that will essentially be left in the dark after the digital switchover on February 17, 2009.

Canon signals DSLR smackdown with 21.1-megapixel EOS 5D

Think the Canon EOS 50D DSLR announced a few weeks ago was a big deal? Canon pulled out a even bigger rabbit today with the announcement of the EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR camera. This 21.1-megapixel monster, out by the end of November, will set you back around $2700 for body only or around $3500 with an accompanying EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM zoom lens.

Plasma display coalition touts “entertainment efficient” screens

That huge plasma screen in your living room probably isn’t an energy sucking beast – at least that’s what the Plasma Display Coalition wants you to believe.  The coalition says large plasma screens measuring 42 inches and larger are surprisingly energy efficient and upcoming models could cost just $4 a month to operate.   Over one year, that’s less than it costs to fill up a Honda gas tank, according to Jim Palumbo, president of the PDC.

Blu-ray Disc Association says it’s too early to lower prices

So the Blu-ray disc is the only physical high-definition format left in the market, but that isn’t going to translate into lower prices any time soon, according to Andy Parsons, the Chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association.  Parsons, who is also the senior VP of Advanced Product Development at Pioneer Electronics, told attendees at the DisplaySearch/NPD HDTV conference in Los Angeles that Blu-ray volume needs to increase before content makers and set-top makers can cut prices.

Microsoft serves Zune 3.0 with free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s

Microsoft today posted the new Zune 3.0 software, providing new features for all Zune models, including the original first-generation Zune. The software wireless music downloads and purchases from the Zune Marketplace, the ability to tag and purchase songs played on the built-in FM radio, the new Zune Channels, etc. Microsoft also revealed new Zune colors and announced that Zune owners will have free wireless access in 9800 McDonalds restaurants across the country.

Next Crysis franchise title about to retail

Electronic Arts and Crytek are set to deliver the next Crysis game to PC owners September 18. The new title is Crysis Warhead and will be available for around $30 in North America and Europe. Crysis Warhead, according to EA, occurs alongside the events of last year's franchise title.

WoW to unleash Lich King on November 13

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is a highly anticipated expansion pack for the most popular MMORPG of all time. The big question on gamers' minds has been: when will it come out? Blizzard Entertainment finally answered that question, saying today the pack will be available November 13 in North America and other global markets, followed by more world releases in the days immediately following.