Will Microsoft's Xbox 360 kick the Apple TV out of your living room?

Apple TV could be in big trouble when Microsoft unveils its new Xbox LIVE service in six weeks - with a revamped UI and a much broader focus on Hollywood. The software maker is betting on entertainment content in an effort to push Xbox 360 sales. And it seems that the Xbox 360 is the currently best-positioned gadget to become an all purpose gaming and entertainment platform for the living room.

The 20 most anticipated video games for the 2008 Christmas shopping season

Feature - The holiday season is approaching quickly: If you have children or if you are an avid gamer yourself then you know there are tons of video games you could buy. This Christmas season is jam-packed with a few very interesting titles and sequels to some of the most popular games already on the market for both the PC and console game systems. Here are our recommendations as a guideline which games you can expect to appear on most wishlists of gamers. Be sure to check out our slideshow to see screenshots of the games listed below. 

Sony upgrades Japanese PS3, confirms Home Beta

Sony will begin offering the 80 GB Playstation 3 with a rumble pack wireless controller this month in Japan. The 40 GB version will be transitioned into “open” pricing.

Sony, Microsoft unveil virtual game worlds

SlingCatcher Internet TV box hits store shelves

Slingbox announced that its SlingCatcher television set-top box is now available through online and offline retail stores. The box connects TVs to online video sites such as Hulu and YouTube as well as the movie streaming service offered by Netflix.

Microsoft reportedly ready to ship Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive

Microsoft still denies that it will be offering a Blu-ray extension for its Xbox 360 game console and gave every indication that it might skip the Blu-ray trend altogether and focus on movie downloads. Not so fast, says Xbit Labs, which learned that an external Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360 is ready to ship. Guess which company allegedly manufactures this drive.

Netflix draws ire with Blu-ray surcharge

By now, most of us are used to surcharges that are often justified to “make up for extra cost” caused by external factors. Netflix has been talking about potential price increases for Blu-ray rentals for some time and revealed today that it will be charging customers who want access to Blu-ray movies an extra $1 per month – which translates into an increase of at least 6% for subscribers who choose this option.

Nintendo DSi: Definitely not all it is cracked up to be

Opinion - With Nintendo’s recent announcement that it has developed a new and better version of the already successful DS handheld, I decided I might do a little research. I enjoy keeping up on game consoles and try to get my hands on new technology early. So, is this new system something I should purchase? Is this the new face of mobile gaming? Let’s look - I can’t be left behind in the technology world.

Warhammer Online chief bans thousands of gold farmers, tells them “go to hell”

EA/Mythic’s General Manager Mark Jacobs says gold farmers aren’t welcome in Warhammer Online and adds quite forcefully that they can, “go to hell”.  Jacobs recently posted in a blog that he’s instructed his staff to immediately and publically ban all gold farmers.  To add insult to injury, he says Warhammer Online has a strike team devoted to exterminating gold farmers from the game.

NeuroSky and Square Enix demonstrate brainwaved-controlled video game

NeuroSky, a developer of wearable bio-sensors, is showing off a brainwave-controlled video game as a concept being jointly developed with Square Enix. It is being displayed at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 in Makuhari, Japan, on October 9 and 10.

New NBA season, new NBA games

With the new National Basketball Association (NBA) upon us it also means it is time for another round of NBA basketball games to light up our video game consoles.

Integra launches its first Blu-ray player

Hot Import Nights – the ultimate photographer’s battleground Part I: Gear

Photographing car shows is great… not only do you have good looking cars, but you also have plenty of attractive models who are more than willing to pose for the camera.  At these shows, you’re jostling against dozens of other photographers trying to get the perfect shot – in short it’s a friendly battleground where getting the perfect shot requires a technique, patience and the right gear.  In this multiple part series, we’ll show you all the secrets behind getting all the best pictures possible and we’ll start it off with this article about gear.

Lightsabers: Now a Nintendo Wii Accessory

Video game accessories manufacturer dreamGear has unveiled a new lightsaber accessory for Star Wars fans who own a Nintendo Wii. It is called Dual Glow Sabers and you'll find it pricing around around $25 for a pair.

Sony’s expands 66-cent-per-song music attack at Apple

Music industry giants show more and more effort in supporting digital music download services that compete with Apple’s iTunes. Universal Music Group this morning announced that it will be supplying its music catalog to Dada.net, which plans to be offering over-the-air DRM-free MP3 tracks. The cost per song is well below iTunes pricing: A 15 song package is sold for $10.

Kindle 2 pictures leaked: Same size, redesigned package

It appears that Boy Genius Report is first to be out with a number of pictures that provide a first impression what Amazon’s new Kindle ebook reader may look like. It is obvious that the Kindle is much nicer, but its design is a far cry from the most recent products we have seen and it does not look like there will be a touchscreen.

Sony to transition to 9 megapixel movies, eyes 3D cinema

1080p is yesterday: Sony gets more aggressive in promoting next-generation movie theater technologies, including 4K resolution movies as well as a new 3D adaptor for its high-end 4K projectors, which should provide crystal clear 3D movie experiences.

Sony announces pricey e-book reader

There has been lots of activity in the ebook reader segment lately. Following Amazon’s Kindle, we recently saw the Plastic Logic’s stunning device and it appears that Sony will also try to take another shot at this market. The company will soon be selling an updated version of its Reader Digital Book, which now includes a touchscreen.  

Apple updates iTunes, Apple TV, MobileMe

Apple today updated MobileMe, the iTunes jukebox software and the Apple TV firmware. The updates fix several annoying bugs and bring new features like Genius and On-The-Go playlists for Apple TV, in addition to a new standby mode, performance and reliability improvements in iTunes 8 and support for syncing more than 2000 contacts in MobileMe.

Is Facebook really a place to watch TV?

Opinion - On Wednesday, Slide, the Widget start-up primarily responsible for delivering individuals photo slideshows and videos announced that it would be hosting video from CBS, Warner Brothers, and Hulu on Facebook. This is the beginning of a new Facebook application that is being worked on in partnership with FunSpace Channels that will open today. Facebook and TV? Does that go together?