Samsung netflixes Blu-ray players, LG player in stores now

Netflix today said that some of Samsung’ Blu-ray players devices are now capable of playing streaming Netflix video via the web. Additionally, LG’s BD-300 Netflix Blu-ray player is also on sale through major retail chains in the U.S. now.

Battle of the Bands: Rock Band set list vs. Guitar Hero sequel

They have been two of the biggest video game franchises launched in recent years - and both Rock Band and Guitar Hero are in the news again: The former with a new set list and the latter with a new sequel.

Microsoft to delay Xbox Live Primetime

When Microsoft announced at E3 2008 that it would be introducing Xbox Live Primetime for the Xbox 360, the company suggested that it would launch in the fall along with the revamped Xbox Live service. But according to a report by Forbes, Microsoft will delay the launch in order to ensure a smooth launch for the new user interface.

Lala's music service tries one more time

Tonight, LaLa will go live offering individuals a fresh new way to not only expand, but also easily manage their personal music collections: the new service will allow users to stream music they store on their home PC to any other device they own, as long as it is connected to the Internet.  

Hands-on SlotMusic: How not to introduce a new music format

Review – Sandisk has been capturing headlines with a new music format called SlotMusic, pitched as a microSD card-based replacement for audio CDs. I have been patiently waiting for the first SlotMusic and today found it at a local BestBuy. I had no reason to believe that it would not work just like any other digital music, but I was wondering how far the “No DRM” promise goes. Read my first impressions here.

Best Buy drops Blu-ray player price below $100, sorta

Last Friday we reported about average Blu-ray player prices nearing the $200 market. This week we have what we could consider – with some tolerance for marketing messages - the first sub-$100 Blu-ray player – the Insignia NS-BRDVD at Best Buy.

Wii, Xbox 360 leave the PS3 behind

Market research NPD firm released its latest game console shipment estimate for the U.S. Both the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 showed sharp upticks, while the PS3 gained significantly less – and has not gained any ground on Microsoft Xbox 360 since its launch almost two years ago. Extra: CHARTS and SLIDESHOW

iTunes receives a truck load of HD shows

Following several content deals that significantly expanded the iTunes movie and TV catalog, Apple said it is now offering popular television shows from all four major networks in HD. The company accelerates its efforts to move Tunes Store video content to HD to push its broader living room initiative centered around its Apple TV set-top box.

EA says 99.8% of gamers don’t care about Spore DRM

EA Games CEO John Riccitiello, speaking in a Q&A session at the Dow Jones/Nielsen Media and Money Conference, noted that 99.8% of gamers really don’t care about DRM. 

Sharp announces first LCD TV with integrated Blu-ray player

The Sharp DX series is the first LCD TV family with an integrated Blu-ray player. Set to go on sale November 20 in Japan, the sets are planned to become available in the U.S. by the end of the year.

Sandisk announces $15 SlotMusic albums, $20 player

Sandisk today revealed more details about the upcoming SlotMusic, which appears to be an attempt to replace the traditional audio CD as a physical music storage format. Stored on 1 GB microSD cards without DRM, SlotMusic is an option for those who do not want to download their music, but purchase entire albums and play them in devices such as cellphones.

Blizzcon multiboxers – dinner with the most hated people in World of Warcraft

“I hate you guys!”  “You people have no life!” – When it comes to being hated, World of Warcraft multiboxers are in their own league.  These players, who control more than one character at a time, face criticism heaped upon them from online forums to slurs uttered in person.  How do these multiboxers deal with the criticism?  Quite easily actually and many of them simply don’t care.  And after having dinner with the multiboxers from the forums, I can happily report that these people do indeed have lives, heck they even have girlfriends.

Videosite Joost reinvents itself to become a Hulu clone

Opinion - The Internet probably could have gone without another website designed to do nothing more than play old reruns of “Mary Tyler Moore”, clips from “The Steve Colbert Show”, and recaps of “The Hills”. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Joost, the overly hyped up Internet video service is ready to deliver.

Blizzcon’s goodie bag and the insane prices it fetches

If you missed this past weekend’s Blizzcon convention in Anaheim, then you not only missed out on a great show, but also an awesome goodie bag.  Unlike other conventions, you don’t get a worthless backpack and carrying back at Blizzcon, in fact the show is known for giving out perhaps the best and most valuable attendee bags around.  Want to know what was inside?  Take a look in our picture gallery.

World of Warcraft mouse pulses light and comes with Hot Pockets

SteelSeries demoed its upcoming World of Warcraft mouse at this past weekend’s Blizzcon convention in Anaheim.  The rugged-looking, scaly, mouse has more than a dozen buttons and can pulse light in more than 16 million colors.  Hard-core WoW players can create macros of up to 160 characters for each button.  To ease macro creation, SteelSeries has included 130 predefined commands.

Blizzcon 08: Motorized turtle mount and rider win costume contest - gallery

Female night elves, an orc warrior and even Rick Astley couldn’t defeat a very blue Draenei female and her motorized turtle at the 2008 Blizzcon costume contest.  Dozens of attendees competed for a replica Frostmourne sword and the costumes were impressive.  Most of the contestants tried to replicate their favorite World of Warcraft characters by manufacturing their own clothes and weapons, but in the end a huge green turtle named, “Speedy” stole the show.

YouTube to play full-length TV shows

In the most recent attempt to squeeze money out of YouTube traffic, Google unveiled full-length episodes of some fan favorite TV shows. "We are starting to test full-length programming on YouTube, beginning with some fan favorites requested by you," the YouTube blog announced.

Blizzcon - long lines, drooling fans and Diablo 3 playable demo

More than 15000 crazed Blizzard Entertainment fans packed will pack into the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend for the 3rd Blizzcon convention.  Attendees braved long lines to grab their badges, but they didn’t seem to mind as a playable demo of Diablo 3 awaited them inside.  Content teases of the upcoming Starcraft II and World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King also soothed the savage fans.

Microsoft: No plans for a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360, really

Wal-Mart leaves DRM servers online