Official Need For Speed Reviews Are In

So the movie version of Need For Speed is about to be unleashed in the world, and finally the official reviews are in. The verdict? 

Game of Thrones Wants to Get Out at the Right Time

There’s nothing worse than when a show outstays its welcome, or when a show ends badly. It doesn’t totally ruin the entire show, or your good memories of it, but it can definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth for years to come, which is why Game of Thrones is planning to get out at the right time.

Fantastic Four Casting Closing In on Doctor Doom

The Fantastic Four reboot is up and running, and the current cast includes Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan. There’s still one important piece of casting that needs to be in place, and that’s of course Doctor Doom.

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg's Plans For Preacher and the Console Wars

We recently announced on TGD that not only are Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg doing a TV adaptation of the famed graphic novel Preacher, they’re also going to be doing a movie on the original Atari console wars, based on an upcoming book on the subject. 

Marvel Talks Gaming

If you’re a fan of Marvel superheroes, you know the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has been generating very strong buzz on the net. You also may know that Avengers Age of Ultron is currently shooting for a May 2015 release, and that a Doctor Strange movie is may be in the works as well. 

Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Avengers 2 News

The Marvel juggernaut should keep growing strong for at least another two years or so, and this year we’ve got The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as Avengers Age of Ultron coming in 2015.

Tomb Raider Reboot is a Success

Last year, Tomb Raider got rebooted with a whole new hi-def look, and there was a question as to whether today’s gamers would cotton to an older franchise. Well, apparently they have, because the game has sold six million copies.   

Neil Young Hoping to Change the Download Game with PonoPlayer

Neil Young may seem like an old hippie to a lot of people, but he’s always been fascinated by cutting edge technology, whether it’s for recording or for his state of the art model train collection. And now he’s got a new music downloading service called PonoPlayer.  

Edge of Tomorrow: The Sci-Fi Groundhog Day?

We at TGD love time travel stories, and it’s always fascinating to think how you could alter your life, and the destinies of many others, if you go back in the past and start making changes. But what about a Groundhog Day style concept where you go over the past over and over again, but here it’s in the sci-fi mode?

Titanfall About to Explode

There’s certain video game titles that you know are going to be blockbusters when they’re finally unleashed on the world. Another Halo game? Natch. Call of Duty? Ditto. But what about Titanfall?

Transformers the Musical?

No, Michael Bay isn’t trying to launch Optimus Prime on Broadway. Even if something like that was done as a parody, the guy’s not known for his sense of irony. Trans4rmers is the latest musical parody that’s become an underground phenomenon, much like the Point Break musical parody that hit L.A. several years ago. 

Scientific TV is Back with Cosmos and I F-ing Love Science

The late Carl Sagan became a pop culture icon in the eighties with Cosmos, a wonderful show that explained complicated science in a way that the layman could understand and enjoy. Now Cosmos is back, and Craig Ferguson also just got the greenlight for his new show, I F-ing Love Science.

Is From Dusk Til Dawn Worth a Damn?

Last year, it was announced that Robert Rodriguez was doing a series version of From Dusk Til Dawn, and while the movie was pretty lame, it actually has potential for a series. We also like the fact that it’s being aimed straight at the Latin market by being on the El Rey network, which was launched by Rodriguez himself. (Rodriguez also wrote and directed the pilot episode.)

Will Titanfall Live Up to the Hype?

  Titanfall is being hyped as the next big thing in gaming, and many are considering it the great white hope to make Xbox One a success. While it remains to be seen if the sales will live up to the hype, the reviews so far have been pretty good, if not uniformly stellar.  

True Detective Shuts Down HBO's Streaming System

  Right now, True Detective is one of the hottest shows on TV, and it’s sure to only get more popular now that Matthew McConaughey is the comeback kid. In fact, the show has become so popular, it shut down HBO Go from so many people tuning in to see the finale.  

Queen Tour With Adam Lambert Officially a Go

As we recently reported here on TGD, it was rumored that Adam Lambert would be singing for Queen, and doing a concert tour with the band. Now that has officially come to pass, and he’ll be singing with the band this summer.

Veronica Mars Pays Back the Fans That Funded Her Comeback

If you’ve ever contributed to a Kickstarter campaign, you usually get something in return for your help, whether it’s a t-shirt, or some other goodies. Now that the Veronica Mars movie is about to premiere, the fans who helped bring it to life are going to see some reward out of it besides the satisfaction of helping resurrect the show. 

Classic Harlan Ellison Star Trek Episode to Become a Graphic Novel

Yes, Harlan Ellison’s a crusty, angry old man, but he’s a brilliant writer, and that can’t be disputed either. Now 79, he not only did a hilarious guest spot on The Simpsons, but his work has also been adapted into several graphic novels, which Ellison has embraced whole heartedly.

Back to the Future Hoverboard Not Coming Soon

So many people would love to have a Back to the Future hoverboard, one that can actually hover of course, but we’re still ways away from that kind of technology. (There was a limited edition hoverboard made by Mattel, one that didn’t float in the air of course.) Yet many people believed a recent prank about hoverboards, so much so that it had to be announced it was a hoax.

Will There Be Another Matrix Trilogy?

The Matrix was an incredible new vision when it dropped in theaters in 1999. Two lackluster follow-ups came after, and the Wachiowskis never regained their footing. Should they go back to the Matrix?