So It's Finally Come to This: Gilligan's Island The Movie

No, this posting is not a joke, although we wish it was, but Gilligan’s Island, the movie, is finally going to be made. I know, you can’t stop jumping up and down with excitement.

Xbox Series To Launch Next Year

Amazon and Netflix are doing it, so why shouldn’t Xbox have series as well? Makes sense, right? And rumor has it, the first series could be Halo.

The Best in Gaming 2013

We all know that websites love making lists of best, worst, and most unusual. With the end of the year just around the corner, what do the pundits consider the best games of the year?

Han Solo Origin Film May Be Ready By 2016

It’s been common knowledge since the Disney Star Wars deal went through that along with three more chapters in the saga, there will also be spin off films. Yoda, Boba Fett and Han solo films have been rumored, and now the talk of a Han Solo solo film have been gaining a little credence. 

The Kiss Army Wins the Band Their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Kiss have always called their fans The Kiss Army, and a true army of dedicated followers won the band their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This year, Kiss were eligible for induction, and they got it.

Why does the Mouse House hate Christmas?

How else to explain it suddenly pulling its Christmas movies from Amazon until July. Yup. You read it right. Christmas cartoons in July.

Free dirty video site Redtube rescues Germans from copyright trolls

Well, it is a weird state of affairs when you cannot give away free porn to anonymous people who only visit your site because it has free porn. Patent trolls be damned, says a Redtube press release.

Flash Gordon to Get a Dark Reinvention

Many of us know Flash Gordon from the 1980 remake. Many of us can still remember the Queen score (Flash! Ah-ahhh!), and it was a really fun remake of the sci-fi classic. It didn’t do well at the box office, but it still has a strong fan following to this day. (It was even recently parodied in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.)

Are Superhero Films Overstuffing the Turkey?

Comic book movies are still hot stuff for the moment, but there’s definite danger signs ahead. The biggest one right now is Batman Vs Superman, which will also include Wonder Woman, possibly other heroes as well.

Terminator Genesis Has Its Sarah Connor

The Terminator prequel, which is titled Terminator Genesis, is coming together pretty quickly for a July 1, 2015 release date. Lately there’s been a lot of speculation as to who will play the two most important roles, John and Sarah Connor, and at least one of those roles has finally been filled…

Avatar is Heading to New Zealand

No, this isn’t a trip sponsored by Oprah, this is where the sequels for the biggest movie of all time will get made. James Cameron’s definitely going to have his hands full for the rest of the decade with three new Avatar films, and they will be made in Middle Earth’s backyard. 

Interstellar Trailer Drops

In less than a year, there will be a new Christopher Nolan movie in theaters, Interstellar. This is Nolan’s first foray into science fiction, and the trailer doesn’t reveal much because the movie’s still being filmed, but it certainly gives the viewer enough to whet their appetites. 

Is a Star Wars Series in Development at Netflix?

Marvel and Lucasfilm are both owned by Disney, and there are plans to bring more Marvel superheroes to the world via a Netflix series, which will launch in 2015. Could a Star Wars series also be coming via Netflix?

Is High Frame Rate Getting Any Better?

When the first installment of The Hobbit debuted last year, Peter Jackson used a new technology, 48 frames per second, which many hailed as a great new innovation. But the technology didn’t fly with the public, who complained of headaches after watching The Hobbit in that format. 

Spider-Man Fans Rejoice: A Venom Movie is Coming

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming next May 2, 2014, and there’s rumors going around that the film is setting up a future clash with the Sinister Six. There has also been speculation that Spider-Man will be, as they say in the modern vernacular, expanding his universe, and part of this expansion could also include the long awaited Venom movie.

Doom Hits Its 20th Anniversary

Another anniversary that will make you feel old…Doom just had its twentieth birthday. Things move very quickly in the video game world, and what’s today’s sensation can be forgotten in a hurry, but quite a few people are definitely celebrating the impact of Doom this week, and how it became a landmark for the first person shooter. 

Who is the Other Guy in Anchorman 2?

Everyone knows Will Ferrel, and Steve Carrel has built himself some serious star power. Paul Rudd is a romantic lead now. But, who is that other guy?

The greatest trailer for a network sitcom, ever!

The ass crack bandit, the Zardoz reference, Leanord, and the immortal Chang line, "I didn't just masturbate in the study room, I masturbated everywhere!" We will not see the likes of this trailer ever again.  

Can You Afford to Live in Middle Earth?

When James Cameron recently bought some land in New Zealand, many joked he really wants to live in Pandora, the fictional planet in Avatar. At the same time, New Zealand was the backlot for Peter Jackson to create Middle Earth, and now a website has run a very funny, and wholly fictional, listing for Erebor.

World War Z Sequel Has a Director

World War Z was one of the most troubled productions in recent movie history, but it managed to do very well at the box office all things considered. In fact, despite all the turmoil Z went through, there’s currently a director attached for the sequel, which was rumored to have been in the works for some time.