Christopher Nolan Will Continue to Work in Film Even Though It's Extinct

We just reported on TGD that Paramount and The Weinstein Company have stopped making movie prints. This has been a long time coming, and theaters have to convert to digital or get left behind. There are, of course, directors that will continue to work on film, and Christopher Nolan is one of them. 

Black Sails Off to a Strong Start

Back in the day, there was no deader genre than a pirate story. Pirate movies were too expensive to make, and they didn’t make any money back. That all changed of course with Pirates of the Caribbean, and now Black Sails is going great guns in the ratings as well. 

X-Men Days of Future Past: The Sentinels Have Arrived

X-Men Days of Future Past is coming on May 23, and it’s very promising for several reasons. First off, Bryan Singer has returned to helm the franchise. Number two, Peter Dinklage, one of the finest actors around, is in it as Bolivar Trask. Third, this movie has The Sentinels, and full blown pictures of them have just been revealed.

From Harry Potter to Day of the Triffids

While a lot of people today may find the idea of a movie about killer plants silly, Day of the Triffids is still a beloved genre story to this day, as well as a well recognized title, which means, of course, it’s going to be remade. But instead of hiring some hack to helm it, an interesting helmer is onboard: Mike Newell of Harry Potter fame.

The Insanity of the Unmade Halo Movie

Some years back you may recall that a movie version of Halo was in the works at Universal with Neill Blomkamp (District 9) directing, and Peter Jackson producing. Alex Garland (Dredd, 28 Days Later) also wrote the script, but the movie fell apart because it was just going to be too expensive to make.

Blast Off With Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder

To be honest with you, I’d never heard of Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder until I was assigned to look into it. The fact that a children’s book series could deal with flatulence is definitely cool with me, so this was an interesting discovery to say the least.

Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker Over Leaked Screenplay

Several weeks ago, Quentin Tarantino was giddy with excitement about his latest script, The Hateful Eight, which is another western, and he was reportedly talking to Bruce Dern about a role in it. Then he decided to shelve the project because he found out the script leaked, which with any Tarantino screenplay is bound to happen.

The Monkey King Looks Pretty Insane

Martial arts movies sometimes go in and out of vogue, but they never completely go away. It’s great when the genre can be reinvented in a new way, like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon did years ago, and we’re not sure if The Monkey King will be a game changer, but it certainly looks pretty wild. 

Starred Up: trailer for film acting's newest masters

The three protagonists of this movie are some of the best actors in film today. Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom, The Place Beyond the Pines), Rupert Friend (Showtime's Homeland), and the young Jack O'Connell (Skins, 300: Rise of an Empire).

Madden 25 predicts the winner of Super Bowl XLVIII

Do not waste your time watching the Super Bowl this weekend, Madden 25 has it all figured out. You can spend the time doing your chores or  catching the line-up on Lifetime TV, which has counter programming throughout the day, ladies.

A Frightening Documentary on Web Rehab

You can get addicted to practically anything, and there was once an episode on the A&E show Intervention that dealt with gaming addiction. But these are extreme cases, and it’s hard to take stories like this too seriously because a lot of people spend way too much time on the net and playing games, which doesn’t necessarily make them junkies. 

Courtney Love Wins Landmark Twitter Victory

I have absolutely nothing charitable to say about Courtney Love, and we’re only doing this story at TG because it’s being considered a landmark in a legal technology suit. Or at least the press has been hyping it up that way.

Will Star Wars and Pixar Collide?

With the next Star Wars movie reportedly getting ready to shoot this May, there’s going to be a big avalanche of news on the legendary space saga. Very little is official right now, which is to be expected, and JJ Abrams will keep everything as hidden as he can, but a very interesting rumor, one of many, just hit the net about a potential collaboration with Pixar. 

Does the New RoboCop Suck?

We’re not nuts about the idea that two Paul Verhoeven sci-fi classics have been remade, RoboCop and Total Recall. There’s still a lot of fan goodwill out there for Total Recall, and for many, us included, remaking RoboCop is tanamount to blasphemy. Still, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed, and are hoping for the best.

Watch Bill Gates lose to Chess Grandmaster in 80 seconds

When billionaires lose it is like the sky has opened up and angels are spitting gold chocolate bars on the poor. Bill Gates, world's richest man most of the time, is a chess enthusiast. Watch this video of him losing to the number one player in the world. Very, very quickly.

Classic Jet Li Flick to Be Remade By Fast and Furious Helmer

Shaolin Temple was the 1982 debut of kung fu sensation Jet Li, and big surprise, it’s slated to be remade. Another big shocker, it’s going to be made in 3D, and Justin Lin, helmer behind several Fast and Furious movies, will make the reboot in China, in mandarin language no less.

Is The Dark Tower Back on Track?

One of the biggest disappointments in recent genre movie history was the sad saga of The Dark Tower. Several years ago it was going to be a three movie series at Universal with Javier Bardem in the lead, then it fell apart at the last second. Then it was set up at Warner Brothers, where it also stalled. 

Ant-Man's Release Date Moves Up, and Samuel Jackson Talks Nick Fury

Now that Batman Vs Superman has pushed back its release date by nearly a year, we should have figured that another summer blockbuster would be moving into its place. Well as it turns out, Ant-Man has indeed pushed his way in to fill the gap.

George Takei Gets His Own Documentary, Hopes to Heal Rift With Shatner

George Takei is of course part of the OG Star Trek gang, and lately he’s been in the news as a frequent guest on Howard Stern, and for coming out of the closet. He’s also now the subject of his own documentary, To Be Takei.

Could Barbarella Finally Return?

Barbarella is one of those projects like Ghostbusters 3 and the remake of Logan’s Run. You keep hearing about it all the time, but it never comes to pass. Talk of a Barbarella remake first surfaced at the beginning of the millennium, with Drew Barrymoore slated to play the title role. (In addition, Rose McGowan almost played Barbarella with her then boyfriend Robert Rodriguez slated to direct.)