Walking Dead Is Still a Ratings Monster

The Walking Dead is back, and hate to sound like a broken record, but you knew it was going to bring monster ratings. In fact, this time zombies have actually beaten out the Olympics, just like they beat out Sunday Night Football back in October. 

What's Going On With the Escape From New York Remake?

Escape From New York isn’t one of John Carpenter’s better movies, but it was always a great concept for a movie, especially back in the day when New York was a crime infested sewer. These days, New York has really cleaned itself up, and trying to remake it these days would probably make as much sense as trying to remake Revenge of the Nerds because the nerds already got their revenge. (Harry Potter, Bill Gates, etc.) 

Has The Dark Tower Movie Stalled Again?

While a Dark Tower movie may be a real longshot, we’re still hoping for the best on this one. Maybe Ron Howard’s not the right guy for a genre classic, but he’s always been a pro who gets the job done, and he’s passionate about doing this project, which is what you want from a filmmaker. 

Will Smith Says No to More ID4

Several years back, it was announced that there would be two sequels coming for ID4, one of the biggest sci-fi flicks of the ‘90’s. But the big question remained…would Will Smith return? Finally the speculation has ended, and Smith is taking a pass. 

Lego On Its Way to Building a Major Movie Franchise

Think Legos are only for kids? Think again. Not only have full grown adults been constructing cars and sculptures out of Legos, but Lego has also begun building a good stronghold at the box-office with the Lego Movie, which came in at #1 at the box office.

G.I. Joe Turns 50

For at least three generations, kids have loved GI Joe. Not only did kids love playing with dolls in the sixties and seventies, but eighties kids grew up with the GI Joe cartoons and toys.

New Fox Series Gotham Gets Its Commissioner Gordon

Gotham is an upcoming TV show on Fox that will be the prequel to Batman. This show will go way, way back, long before Bruce Wayne wore the bat-suit, and it focuses on the rise of Commissioner Gordon as the city, and the villains who corrupted it, began developing.   

Chris Carter's Back With The After

With the X-Files, Chris Carter became a household name, and a name synonymous with great genre storytelling. Now he’s back with a new show, The After. The verdict so far? 

Is the Star Wars Cast Complete?

The next Star Wars movie is slated to begin shooting in May, and while there’s no official announcements yet, the latest rumor going around is that the casting has been completed. This is surprising news if it’s true, although you’d figure they’d have to have a cast together pretty quickly to get started by summer.

Will Activision's Destiny Be the Hottest Thing in Gaming?

Activision has a new game, Destiny, and the company’s really high on it. In fact, there’s a lot of hype right now telling us that this could be one of the biggest games ever.

Dealing Drugs Online

With the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, there’s a lot in the news about heroin, which sadly is making a big comeback these days. (You’d think after what happened to Kurt Cobain twenty years ago that people would have learned their lesson.) While it’s probably not smart to be selling drugs on the ‘net, that’s apparently what one kid has been accused of doing. 

Preacher is Headed to AMC With an Unlikely Creative Team

A movie version of the Vertigo comic Preacher has been in the works for a long time, and now the news has hit that it may finally become a reality, with an unlikely filmmaking team behind it. 

Happy Birthday HR Giger, the Artist of Alien

HR Giger’s artwork is some of the most frightening I’ve ever seen. It’s brilliantly done, but I’d hate to be on the wrong drugs looking at it. Now the man who gave us the nightmarish visions of Alien has turned 74 years old.

Avengers Age of Ultron and Jurrasic World News

Avengers: The Age of Ultron should begin shooting this spring in England, and another major cast member has come aboard: Paul Bettany is playing the Vision. 

When Metal Broke Through to the Mainstream

If Green Day’s Dookie album turning twenty doesn’t make you feel old, this definitely will…Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry album, featuring the legendary anthem “We’re Not Going to Take It,” is about to turn thirty years old.

Leonard Nimoy Urges Fans to Stop Smoking

There’s been a big anti-smoking movement in America for years, to the point where people have even criticized characters smoking in movies. While we think that things like that are going a little too far, we’re all for people speaking out against what can be a very deadly habit in the long run. 

Bryan Singer Looks Back on Superman Returns

Decades after the Christopher Reeve classic became the big hit of 1978, Hollywood is still trying to get Superman right for the big screen. While Christopher Nolan successfully reinvented Batman, at least for two movies, the consensus is that Bryan Singer pretty much blew it with Superman Returns, and unfortunately Man of Steel didn’t help matters much either. 

Fantastic Four Casting Soon to Be Finalized

As we reported previously on TGD, The Fantastic Four reboot is coming together quickly at Fox for a June 19, 2105 release, and casting is quickly coming together. We knew the film would be coming together pretty fast, and apparently it’s going to start shooting this March.

The Robocop reboot: the reviews are in

We just ran a report on TGD about the reboot of RoboCop, which is coming on February 12. A friend of ours who runs the Movie Zombie blog saw it early, and he wasn’t terribly impressed. Now the first official reviews are in. The verdict? 

Uncharted PlayStation Game to Get the Big Screen Treatment

Uncharted is the PlayStation game that focuses on Nathan Drake, a heroic treasure hunter. Treasure hunters have often been big box office, Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind, and now Uncharted is one of many big video game titles that’s up for the big screen treatment.