Educating kids with video games - a laudable, but doomed, idea

According to a recent Ipsos MORI poll in the UK, three in five 11 - 16 year olds are in favour of using video games in the classroom. I'll let Eurogamer break down the numbers for you, but suffice to say this is a bit of legitimacy/ego self pleasure for the video game industry.

Nintendo DS Lite in tight supply despite increased output

Sales of the Nintendo DS Lite have continued expanding at a rapid pace, with supply of the game consoles likely soon to fall short of demand despite Nintendo increasing production, according to sources at Taiwan-based Hakuyu, the sales agent for Nintendo in Taiwan.

E3 Expo to be downsized as game vendors pull plug on support

In an indication that electronics trade shows are continuing to have less impact on the economy as a whole, the co-sponsors of E3 Expo have cancelled the conference in its present form, replacing it with something more akin to a town hall meeting.

Mattel introduces RFID-enabled game console

San Diego (CA) - Mattel, a company known for its children's toys, introduced the HyperScan RFID-enabled game console at the recently completed Comic-Con convention in San Diego. The console combines traditional one-on-one fighting games with collectible superhero cards. Players swipe the card over the console to choose characters and additional cards can be swiped during game play to add more powers or skills. Mattel hopes the unique blend of collectible cards and console portability will attract "tweens" or the 8 to 12 year-old audience.

Microsoft rumored to cut Xbox 360 price by $100

Microsoft is planning to cut the retail price of its Xbox 360 Pro System from $399 currently to $299 in an attempt to compete with the PlayStation 3 (PS3), which will be launched by Sony in November of this year, according to Taiwan-based OEM component makers.

Physics for The Ant Bully

Video game developer A2M said that it has used Havok's physics engine to create collision detection and rigid bodies in the upcoming videogames The Ant Bully and Monster House.

PlayStation 3 production has already begun

According to Chinese business newspaper The Commercial Times, production has already begun on the PlayStation 3 as Sony gears up for the next-gen console's November launch.

Infinium changes name to Phantom Entertainment

Infinium today announced that it will change its name to Phantom Entertainment. The company made headlines when it announced the "Phantom" game console back in 2004, but since then has been unable to ship and sell such a device.

Blizzard tests new World of Warcraft cross-realm battlegrounds

World of Warcraft fans can now backstab, bash, fireball, face-melt and frost-shock their cross-server foes. Players can log into test servers that have been configured with an upcoming patch - an update that allows battles against other servers.

ArenaNet offers public beta of new Guild Wars game

Guild Wars fans will get another chance to battleeach other in an upcoming beta test of Guild Wars Nightfall. ArenaNet will offer a public beta test of the game between 28 July and 31 July.

Team Fortress 2 and the Resurgence of Class-Based Gaming

Yaknow considering how much we in the tech press like to have a go at 3D Realms over Duke Nukem (it'll take) Forever, I think that Half-Life creators Valve get off extremely easy for their own vaporware transgressions - namely Team Fortress 2.

Gaming Heaven at Howie's Game Shack

Mission Viejo (CA) - Looking for a really large gaming center? Here you go: We first talked about Howie's Game Shack back in May, but you only saw the 250 PCs and Xbox consoles in pictures. TG Daily is following up with an interview with the owner. Get a glimpse of what it takes to run what is most likely the largest game center in the U.S.

Valve to ship Half-Life 2, extensions for PS3 and Xbox 360

Valve will be jumping on the Playstation 3 train by recycling its Half-Life 2 story. The package for Sony's next-generation game console will include "enhanced" versions of Half-Life 2 and Episode One - the first part of a Half-Life 2 related trilogy Valve is rolling out - as well Episode 2, which will also include the games Team Fortress and Portal.

EA unveils six games for the Wii

Up until today, EA's strategy for the Nintendo's new gaming platform called Wii, was a little murky.

Jessica Simpson sings for you with new customized songs

Ever wanted Jessica Simpson to shout out your name in one her songs? Now you can rejoice because next week you will be able to order customized songs where she will yell out your name three times. People with the 500 most common first names will be able to purchase the songs immediately, while those with more unique names will have their songs delivered in one to three weeks.

Atari sells 'Driver' franchise to Ubisoft to raise cash

The Atari unit of French game publisher Infogrames announced to the surprise of many that it is selling the property rights to, as well as the studio behind, one of its most lucrative game franchises, Driver , to competitor Ubisoft, for $26 million in cash.

Sony bundles feature films with Memory Stick Duos for PSP

Sony has started bundling feature films with some of their premium Memory Stick Duos. Entertainment Packs of the one and two GB versions of the Memory Stick Duos will include a DVD with four films: XXX State of the Union, Hitch, The Grudge and S.W.A.T. The films can be unlocked and played on - and only on - a PSP.

Unreal developer says Intel integrated graphics bad for gaming

Mark Rein, vice president of Unreal studio Epic, told a packed audience of game developers that Intel's integrated graphics is bad for the gaming industry.

Sony pulls 'black vs. white' PSP ad campaign after racism complaints

From Reuters

EverQuest players get a new race in the Serpent's Spine Expansion pack

EverQuest, the popular online fantasy role-playing game, is getting a new expansion pack. Sony Online Entertainment has announced "The Serpent's Spine" expansion for EverQuest which includes the first new race in three years. EverQuest fans will be able to play the Drakkin which are a curious blend of human and dragon. A new starting city, Crescent Ranch, will be included along with new higher level content.