X-Arcade unleashes 20-pound joystick

Joysticks and other controllers often break under the stress of gaming, but X-Arcade claims that it can offer an almost indestructible (and insanely heavy) joystick. The "Tankstick" promises to revive arcade gaming at home and comes with two control sticks, along with several arcade-style buttons. 18 classic games, including Space Invaders, Galaga and Donkey Kong are included.

Second expansion to Warhammer 40K goes gold

Agoura Hills (CA) - THQ, the video game publishing company behind the popular online game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, today announced its second expansion pack to the game. "Dark Crusade" has reached the gold master stage, meaning all of the code programming is finished. The game is slated to be shipped nationwide on 9 October.

Microsoft to launch $170 HD DVD player for Xbox 360

Microsoft will be offering an HD DVD upgrade for its Xbox 360 game console that will allow the company to compete with Sony in the HD arena. The new drive will be available on 17 November, the launch date of the Playstation 3.

EA grows Godfather game series, launches two new games

Redwood City (CA) - Two new Godfather are joining EA's Corleone Family video game lineup. The publisher announced "The Godfather, The Game" for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console and "The Godfather, Mob Wars" for Sony's Playstation Portable (PSP), which almost completes the multi-platform rollout of the game series.

Microsoft expected to release YouTube competitor

Media reports published late Monday suggested that Microsoft on Tuesday will open the doors to Soapbox, a video sharing service that will compete with the popular YouTube website. Access to the service will be offered on an invite-only basis during the test phase with the final site being scheduled to launch within the next six months, according to an article published by Reuters.

Online play dropped from key PS3 launch title

Developer Neversoft has dropped online play from the PlayStation 3 version of Tony Hawk's Project 8, a key third-party launch title for Sony's next-gen console.

Analysis: Who will be buying a Nintendo Wii?

Chicago (IL) - With the last of the three next-gen game consoles finally being announced, more game enthusiasts will be looking more seriously into which console offers the most value. Nintendo hopes that it will not only keep its existing base, but pick up the mainstream crowd and, here and there, Playstation and Xbox gamers.

Nintendo Wii to launch on 19 November for $250

Chicago (IL) - At a widely anticipated press event in New York City today, Nintendo announced release details of its next video game console, the Wii. The system will launch on November 19 and will carry a retail price of $250. See the Nintendo Wii slide show here (5 pictures)

TG Video - Futuremark shows off mobile benchmark on phones and PDAs

Los Angeles (CA) - Desktops and laptops can usually display video at decent framerates, but what about smaller mobile phones and PDAs? According to Futuremark, these diminutive gadgets now have enough graphical power to run intensive games, and they have a benchmark to prove it.

Sony to release new PSP bundle

As the holiday season fast approaches, Sony is set to launch a new bundle pack for its PSP handheld. The pack will be released this month and is called the PSP Entertainment Bundle.

Microsoft to offer Xbox 360 with built-in HD-DVD drive

Microsoft has started designing a new-generation of Xbox 360's equipped with an internal HD-DVD drive and is selecting manufacturers in Taiwan to build the drive, according to sources in Taiwan's optical disc drive (ODD) industry.

Project Gotham Racing 4 dated by Peugeot

Microsoft will release Project Gotham Racing 4 on Xbox 360 towards the end of 2007 or in the first half of 2008, according to car manufacturer Peugeot.

Fantasy site Second Life exposes user data

Second Life, the fast-growing online site where hundreds of thousands of people play out fantasy lives online, has suffered a computer security breach that exposed the real-world personal data of its users.

Star Trek is 40!

Star Trek celebrates a big birthday today. 40 years ago, on 8 September 1966, the first episode of the science fiction series was broadcasted in the U.S.

Microsoft releases cheaper Xbox

Microsoft says that it will release a cut-price version of its Xbox 360 video game console in Japan.

Sony drastically cuts PS3 launch allocation

Tokyo (Japan) - Problems with the production of Blu-ray's blue laser diode forced Sony to cut the launch availability of its next generation video game console Playstation 3 from 2 million to 500,000 units worldwide, according to report published by AP today.

Playstation 3 will not include HDMI cable

Buyers of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 won't be getting an important cable. According to the official US Sony Playstation 3 website, the new console will not include an HDMI cable. An HDMI cable will be required for those who want to watch Blu-ray discs at 1080p resolution and for others who want the best quality picture on their digital television sets.

Playstation 2 price cut announced in Japan

With the release of the Playstation 3 looming, Sony today announced that they will be reducing the price of the Playstation 2 consoles in Japan, effective 15 September.

Xbox Live downloads top 50 million

Redmond (WA) - Larry Hryb, the director of programming at Xbox Live, recently posted on his blog that the number of logged downloads on the Xbox Live marketplace have passed the 50 million mark. Just three months ago, that number was 25 million.

EA's Madden NFL scores $100 million in revenues in first week.

More than two million boxes of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 07 were sold within the first weeks after launch.