62 titles announced for Wii by year end

Nintendo has announced a complete list of games that will be available for the Wii during its first five weeks after the release on 19 November. In total, 32 Wii games and 30 virtual console titles are slated for release by the end of the year.

Sega jumps on Nintendo's Wii virtual console

GamesIndustry.biz reports that Sega of America has unleashed details of its plans to release classic games on Nintendo's virtual console download service to be offered on the Wii. Sega says ten of its games will be available by the end of the year at a price of $8 each.

DVD playback comes back to Japanese Wii

According to GamesIndustry.biz, Nintendo is going to add DVD playback, a feature originally announced and then later cut out, to Wii units in Japan, as part of a special "enhanced" Wii model that will be released there some time next year.

Unreal Anthology ships

Midway Games, the publisher of the popular Unreal games series, today announced that it has shipped Unreal Anthology, a collection of four of the Unreal PC titles.

Japanese PS3 allocation cut 20%

Tokyo (Japan) - The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, a major Japanese business newspaper, has reported that Sony will ship 80,000 PlayStation 3 consoles during the Japanese November 11th launch. This is 20% less than the 100,000 Sony promised back in September. See the Sony Playstation 3 in detail ...

Flood of Console and PC games coming for Halloween - Gallery

Culver City (CA) - A flood of new games are hitting the market this Halloween giving gamers an extra treat. Almost a dozen new titles for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and the PC will be released. In addition, several games will have more expensive collector's editions which will include extra content and shiny metal cases.

Twitch Blog: Who bears responsibility for game mods?

I pose a question to you: If I create and release an innocuous game which is modifiable by anyone, and somebody creates a sexually explicit add-on for the game, am I responsible for this user generated content? At first many gamers might say "No, because you didn't create the content yourself."

New Tomb Raider: Anniversary in the works

Eidos Interactive has announced the next game in the popular Tomb Raider series. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversery will have Lara chase after the mystical "Scion" artifiact and will focus on more in depth puzzles and more realistic game physics.

Sony introduces limited edition silver PlayStation 2

Sony has released a limited edition silver-colored edition of its PlayStation 2 game console. Basically it's the same as the traditional black PlayStation 2 console except for the silver sheen and silver DualShock 2 analog controller.

Gold users to get first dibs on new Xbox Live content

According to GamesIndustry.biz, the premier tier of Microsoft's online service for the Xbox 360 will soon include another benefit - exclusive access to newly released content. Reportedly, Larry Hryb, director of programming for Microsoft, has announced plans to offer new downloads, including game demos and trailers, to Xbox Live Gold members first, before making them available to Silver subscribers.

Jack Thompson hit with contempt complaint

Florida Judge Ronald Friedman has hit anti-violent games activist Jack Thompson with contempt of court charges. The charges were filed in a complaint to the Florida Bar Association after Thompson wrote inflammatory letters questioning the judge's decision in letting the Take 2 "Bully" game sell in Florida.

Nintendo sells 10 million DS Handhelds in six months

Kyoto (Japan) - Nintendo today surprised analysts by posting a 48% increase in profits and a 70% jump in revenues, primarily due to its hugely popular DS game console. The company sold 10.09 million units in the first half of its fiscal year - and expects to sell six million Wii's until March 2007. See the Nintendo Wii slide show here (5 pictures)

Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition goes on sale

Video game publisher 2K Games, part of Take-Two Interactive Software, today announced the nationwide availability of Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition. The PC collection includes the original Dungeon Siege II PC game, the Broken World expansion pack, and a handful of limited edition items.

iTV vs. Microsoft Media Center vs. PS3: The Big Battle of 2007

iTV vs. Microsoft Media Center vs. PS3: The Big Battle of 2007. More ...

Microsoft to release second beta of XNA personal game development suite

Following the first beta, Microsoft today announced that it will be releasing a second public test version of its XNA Game Studio Express Suite.

World of Warcraft expansion to miss holiday season

As video game fans prepare for a massive set of releases for the holiday season, today, one anticipated title was taken off the list on games slated for a pre-Christmas launch. The first official expansion pack to the PC game World of Warcraft has been delayed a few weeks due to bugs found during its recent beta test, pushing it back to the first part of next year.

Toys R Us opens up pre-orders for Wii this Sunday

Chicago (IL) - Various scans of the 2006 version of the annual huge holiday catalog for Toys R Us known as "The Big Book" have surfaced online, with one detail that's attracting the most attention - the book has a page devoted to the Wii that says pre-orders are available. The book, set to be released in this Sunday's paper, says "Reserve Wii Now."

Yahoo's not so "cheap" shot versus YouTube

In a clear step to usurp Google's YouTube, Yahoo has announced a video talent show that will offer $50,000 and an episode contract to the lucky winner. During the eight week contest starting on November 13th, people will upload videos that will be voted on by the public and a panel of judges.

Medal of Honor Heroes ships for PSP

Redwood City (CA) - Electronic Arts today announced that it has begun shipping its latest title, Medal of Honor Heroes, for the portable PSP system, adding to the large library of games in the Medal of Honor series. Medal of Honor Heroes Screenshots ...

480p a go for Wii launch

Nintendo last month revealed that its new Wii home console would ship with composite cables for standard resolution televisions.