YouTube to share the bucks

YouTube is known for sharing videos, but in the future it could be sharing money with video producers.

Microsoft: Claims of Vista breaking games "grossly overstated"

Microsoft has reacted to accusations of casual game publisher that claimed that Windows Vista is breaking at least 90% of games in the market, mainly due to the operating systems' new security architecture.

Sonic for Wii gets moved up one week

The first fully exclusive Sonic game for a Nintendo console is going to make an earlier-than-expected debut, with Sega pushing the release of Sonic and the Secret Rings from February 27 to February 20.

Virtual game rivalry turns into real death

One gamer is dead after he and another online gamer turned their virtual rivalry into a real-life fight. A few dozen players of Lineage II, a popular online multiplayer game from NCSoft, met at a Moscow café and began fighting.

Vista breaks 90% of games, says game publisher

Alex St. John, chief executive of game publisher WildTangent, today blasted his former employer for a half-baked and negligent way of treating the majority of game publishers - small development studios and individual programmers of casual games: St. John claims that at least nine out of ten games do not work with Vista.

N64 makes first post-launch Wii presence with Mario Kart

Mario Kart 64 is among the list of additions to the Wii Virtual Console for today's new releases, marking the first Nintendo 64 game available for the online store since the console's debut more than two months ago. Also, rounding out this week's installment are three Sega Genesis games.

Nine Inch Nails announce simultaneous triple format DVD release

Musical group Nine Inch Nails has announced a release date for its "Beside You In Time" DVD, which will be simultaneously be released on HD DVD, Blu-ray, and DVD, which they claim is a first for a next-generation music title.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto to keynote Game Developers Conference

Game designer and Nintendo's Senior Marketing Director Shigeru Miyamoto will keynote this year's Game Developers Conference. The yearly conference gathers some of the world's best game companies and coders, along with hopeful job seekers. In the past, Nintendo has used GDC keynotes to generate buzz and demo some cool products.

Gears of War sales reach 3 million worldwide

The holiday blockbuster lived up to expectations, as the Xbox 360 tactical fighter game has sold over three million copies in ten weeks, earning the designation as the fastest-selling game in the 14-month history of Microsoft's new console.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion to get Shivering Isles expansion

Specialty game developer Bethesda Softworks has announced an expansion for its epic PC role-playing game (RPG) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, claiming that it will be available this spring.

AOL to simulcast QVC online

In a bid to offer new features to differentiate itself from competitors like Youtube, AOL Video today launched its first live streaming channel, an online simulcast of the home shopping network QVC, offering another small step in the convergence of TV and the Internet.

Digital music sales doubled to $2 billion in 2006

2006 saw a record year for digital music sales, as the annual sales figure was nearly double what it was last year, according to data from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

World of Warcraft fans brave cold temps to grab expansion pack

On an insanely cold night, at least by Southern California standards, thousands of World of Warcraft fans waited to buy the Burning Crusade expansion pack. Several EB Games stores in the area opened at midnight January 16th to sell the game and we were there at one of the biggest stores at the Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles. Even though it was cold, fans - some waiting almost 18 hours - traded stories and even danced for some cool prizes.

PS3 shipments total two million

Despite a dismal launch, Sony has announced that global shipments of the PS3 have reached two million, smashing the early shipment records set by the PS2 and closing in on the Wii gap.

Madcatz to announce Wii remote - rumor

Some interesting photos about a third-party Wii remote control have appeared online, reportedly first published in a thread on the forums of gaming site According to forum posts, video game accessory giant Madcatz could be designing a third-party Wii remote, the first of its kind since the Nintendo console debuted last November.

EA announces new series of casual Sims games

The PC game that became a household name is trying to expand its audience even more. A new series of The Sims heading out this year, aimed at the casual gaming crowd.

World of Warcraft hits 8 million subscribers

World of Warcraft, the online multiplayer fantasy game, now has more than 8 million players. This is according to Blizzard Entertainment who released the game just over two years ago on November 23, 2004. The players include more than 2 million North American players, along with 1.5 million in Europe and an incredible 3.5 million in China.

CES 2007: Microsoft says Crysis will be Vista's Halo

The original Xbox had Halo. The Xbox 360 has Gears of War. And soon, according to Microsoft, Windows Vista will have Crysis.

Xbox 360 v2 found, codenamed Zephyr

Ever wonder why Microsoft hasn't released an HDMI cable for the Xbox 360, or whether the AV port was really capable of digital out?

Rosie and Donald battle it out online, the website for the digital cable channel Game Show Network, takes advantage of the current feud between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump and turned the rather strange exchange of words into a free online game.