Analyst opinion: Shrek 3 and the magic of tomorrow

There is nothing like a studio preview of a new movie.  I grew up near Hollywood and actually thought once about becoming an actor.  Things didn’t work out that way but, for me, this is still one of many roads not traveled. So it was with a great deal of excitement that I found myself over at DreamWorks last Thursday.  The purpose wasn’t to see the movie, the very entertaining Shrek 3, but to be briefed on the massive and very successful partnership between three players behind it.  

Vivendi game revenues surge 117%

Vivendi has reported sharply higher revenues thanks to strong sales of the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion pack.

Midway working on first Blu-ray movie/PS3 game combo disc

The PS3 version of the multi-platform title Stranglehold will come with something extra on it - a full-length feature film in high definition.

Nintendo tops game hardware, software sales in April

Nintendo's Wii, DS, and Pokemon games took the top spots in their respective categories last month, according to the latest data from NPD Group.

Modded Xboxes to be banned

Microsoft has stepped up its Xbox Live security to ban any console that has been illegally modified from connecting online.

Sony announces 30 Playstation 3 games

Sony today announced 30 new games headed to the PS3 platform.

The great Blizzard tease continues

Blizzard Entertainment is continuing to tease millions of gamers with their new splashpages on and

Skype to pump out new games channel

The Voice-over IP (VoIP) program Skype is moving into the world of games, with an announcement of a new embedded tool that will allow users to invite friends to play online multiplayer games.

Halo 3 beta extended by four days due to glitch

The public beta for Halo 3 has been extended by four days, due to a problem that prevented many users from accessing the game.

New online Bomberman game heading to Xbox Live

An all-new Bomberman game is heading to the Xbox 360 via the Live Arcade digital download service.

Amazon to launch DRM-free digital music store

Amazon today announced that it will be launching a new music download store with DRM-free content later this year. The company said that it will offer “millions of songs” from more than 12,000 record labels, including EMI Music.

Halo 3 gets September release date

Halo fans should get their calendar ready, and mark September 25 as the release date for the final version of Halo 3. Extra: Slideshow

Xbox 360 gets firmware update for HD DVD

Owners of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player can now download an update that should fix a couple playback problems that have recently plagued the top-selling HD DVD hardware.

Lara Croft heading to Wii

Eidos today announced that it will bring Tomb Raider: Anniversary to the Wii.

Paul McCartney goes digital

EMI said late Monday that it will be releasing Paul McCartney’s entire solo catalog “across all digital platforms.” And there is even hope that Beatles songs may finally become available through commercial download platforms.

Media, fans get first crack at Halo 3

Microsoft opened up the doors to Halo 3 in New York City and San Francisco on Friday to give gamers a first glimpse at the game, about a week before beta testing begins.

“Star Wars” crowned as the most influential visual effects film

The Visual Effects Society has ranked 50 movies that have had the most impact on the movie industry over a period of more than 100 years. Star Wars was chosen as the most influential visual effects film of all time.

Soul Calibur Legends coming to Wii

The long-running Soul Calibur fighting series is headed for a Wii exclusive.

Xbox 360's Forza 2 spins to gold status

Microsoft's first-party game studio today announced that the Xbox 360's Forza Motorsport 2 is ready to be mass produced and sent out to stores.

The Simpsons heading to new video game

Electronic Arts has announced that the long-lasting cartoon family is heading to all next-gen platforms, assumedly to correspond with The Simpsons Movie slated for theaters this summer.  Extra: slideshow