Addiction experts say video games not an addiction

ESRB reportedly ramps up game trailer monitoring

After a whirlwind with Rockstar's violent Manhunt 2 game, the ESRB now appears to be taking bigger steps to restrict game trailers.

Update: Nintendo tops Sony in market value

Nintendo has pushed all the right buttons in the past several months, enabling the gaming giant to surpass the fault-ridden Sony Corporation in market value, if only for a brief period.

Rockstar holds off on Manhunt 2 US release

With a statewide ban in the UK and an Adults Only rating from the US ratings board, Rockstar has temporarily suspended the game from being released anywhere.

Sonic heading to first RPG adventure on Nintendo DS

The world famous blue hedgehog will kick up his gaming chops in a new role-playing game, thanks to a new partnership between Sega and Bioware.

Valve promises significant Steam update this summer

Valve’s Steam will be getting a major update this summer which will add social networking features.

Physicians to vote on Internet and video game addiction

Doctors belonging to the American Medical Association will vote on whether Internet and video game addiction is a real disease.

Sony promises flood of 380 new PS3 games

Sony’s chief executive Howard Stringer has promised a flood of new games to boost PlayStation 3 sales.

Brits ban Manhunt 2

A British film and game ratings board has banned sales of the upcoming Manhunt 2 game by Rockstar Games.

Band of Bugs to march to Xbox Live Arcade

A new turn-based strategy game designed exclusively for the Xbox 360 will hit the console's online store tomorrow.

PSP gets its own Brain Age

It has taken some time, but PSP owners have access to a game that follows that concept of Brain Age – a game that opened up the competing Nintendo DS portable game console to new groups of gamers beyond the traditional teenage crowd.

AP: Blockbuster to favor Blu-ray over HD DVD

Stringer "not at all" worried about PS3, predicts $2 billion for Spider-Man 3

In an interview, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer said Nintendo's business model was "very good" compared to Sony's PS3, but says the $600 console is only flagging because developers are using just 20% of its power.

PS3 firmware update fixes HDMI bug

Sony has released version 1.81 of the Playstation 3 firmware, fixing an HDMI display issue that came up after the last update.

Wii hits five-month streak with May hardware sales

The Wii steamrolled its way into first place again last month, selling more units than the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined.

Halo 3 beta amassed 350 terabytes of downloads

Microsoft's Halo 3 beta recently ended, and statistics show more than 12 million collective hours were logged into the game in its limited time frame.

Sanyo introduces new ultra-short focus LCD front projector

SCEA president promises content that will “showcase what the PS3 can do”

Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), has answered some of the criticism that has hit Sony’s latest game console. He justified the high price tag by the PS3’s advanced technology and said that the firm will work “tirelessly” to “proof ”[the console’s] value”.

New America's Army game slated for exclusive Xbox 360 release

The Army simulation series is heading to a high definition platform for the first time, with exclusivity going to the Xbox 360.

Game Review: Big Brain Academy doesn't make the grade on Wii

Review - Bringing the industry-shifting genre of Nintendo's "brain games" to the revolutionary Wii console seems like a great idea, but Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree fails to bring anything spectacular to the Nintendo platform.  Check out our gut reaction on this disappointing Wii title.