Wii's first attempt at online gaming falls short

Game Review - Nintendo recently released the first Wii game to offer real-time online multiplayer, but it still has a long way to go just to catch up to where its competitors were in the last generation.

AOL launches video search portal

Microsoft announces game lineup for E3

Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 6 to 1

The Nintendo Wii has a virtual stranglehold over Sony’s PS3 in Japan and has outsold its rival console by six to over over the past month.

Preparing for E3: Expectations are running high

Opinion - The glitzy E3 of years past may already be etched into history books, but this month's event will still bring all the surprises and announcements that gamers have come to expect from the industry's crown jewel of trade shows.

Missile Command shoots to next-gen on Xbox Live Arcade

Another one of the gems from Atari's arcade days, Missile Command, will make its way to the Xbox 360 as part of this week's Xbox Live Arcade update.

Second Mario Bros game makes its way to Wii Virtual Console

About seven months after Super Mario Bros hit the Wii's Virtual Console, its sequel has found its way to the online download platform.

Microsoft and Amazon help 1000 indie films to make the jump to HD DVD

Warner pushes back Blu-ray, HD DVD combo disc

Warner's proprietary disc technology that burns an HD DVD video on one side and Blu-ray on the other, has been set aside until next year.

Sony updates PSP firmware to ward off hackers

Hackers found a loophole in May's PSP version 3.5 firmware, and now Sony has quietly but frantically released a new update.

Civilization prepares for next-gen console debut

The 17-year-old cult PC hit is preparing to run the gamut of new consoles, but leaves the Wii out of its lineup.

Wii Remote to become light saber in Star Wars game

When gamers first saw the Wii Remote in action two years ago, it was almost universally referred to as a light saber-esque controller. That metaphor will soon become a reality.

Toshiba opens up next-gen features for HD DVD

Downloading bonus content from a movie studio, sending clips to other HD DVD players, and voting in interactive polls are all possible with Toshiba's latest update to the HD DVD architecture.

Company behind Burger King Xbox games sets up advergame studio

Supreme Commander expansion reportedly coming in November

THQ says that it's working on a follow-up to the real-time strategy game Supreme Commander that was released earlier this year.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Special Edition details emerge

Gamers now know what they'll get in the $90 version of Grand Theft Auto IV for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Integrated voice chat coming to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft players will finally be getting integrated voice chat.

Take Two chairman responds to Manhunt 2 debate

Take Two chairman Strauss Zelnick has fired back at the US and UK ratings boards for restrictions put on the gory action game sequel, saying R-rated movies are much more offensive.

Nintendo opens up Virtual Console to indie developers

Nintendo has unlocked the Virtual Console, previously used only as a marketplace for vintage titles, to allow independent developers to create brand new Wii games.

Sony preps PS3 firmware update 1.82

Sony has detailed what to expect in the Playstation 3's next firmware update, less than two weeks after version 1.81 was released.