2K unleashes Bioshock

2K Games announced the availability of its first-person shooter Bioshock for Windows PC and the Xbox 360 console.>> In Pictures: Bioshock screenshots  

Silent Hill PSP demo leaked

A demo for the upcoming PSP Silent Hill game has illegitimately made its way to the public, available to download from the PSP's mobile Internet browser.

MTV, Real Networks, Verizon Wireless take aim at iTunes

MTV Networks, Real Networks and Verizon today announced that they will be forming "Rhapsody America", a new company that will be offering an "integrated digital music experience" for PC, portable music players and cellphones.

MTV closes URGE, merges service into Rhapsody

World of Warcraft not coming to consoles

Paramount, Dreamworks go HD DVD

The HD DVD camp today received an exclusivity commitment from two major movie studios – a welcome commitment the group needs in its battle against Blu-ray.

EA sends out four games for Macs

Delivering on its promise to bring more games to the Apple computer platform, Electronic Arts today shipped four new Mac titles./div>

Wii movie playback unlocked

Video converting specialist X-OOM Software has released a new application that allows users to format movies that will playback on the Wii without modifying the console.

Playstation 3 kills HD DVD

Opinion - Just a few months ago, the high-definition arena looked like we were in for a lengthy battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD. That impression surely has changed: Blu-ray is capturing the market where it counts – movie sales, which apparently are driven by Playstations making their way into the market. Will the game console break HD DVD's neck?

Nintendo delays Wii expansion plans

Future Xbox 360 games may require hard drive

Microsoft is allowing developers to have games use the Xbox 360 hard drive, a requirement that could systematically weed out owners of the Core version of the console.

Bioshock available for pre-order on Steam

Amazon gives away seven HD DVD movies with Xbox 360 Elite bundle

Customers who purchase the Xbox 360 Elite and HD DVD drive from Amazon will receive seven free HD DVD titles, curbing virtually the entire cost of the player.

Best Buy bumps up Xbox 360 accessory prices ahead of Halo 3

Headsets, cables, and controller charge kits for the Xbox 360 are all going for $3 more than they used to at Best Buy, with demand for these items expected to jump for the release of Halo 3.

Dr. Phil to talk about video game violence

TV psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw will be a new high profile commentator with an assumed negative outlook on violent video games, reports Game Politics.

Madden 08 kicks its way to stores

Wii firmware updated again to fix online issues

In the quickest side-by-side firmware updates for the Wii so far, Nintendo has updated its console for the second time in as many weeks.

Xbox Live user tally reaches seven million

Over seven million Xbox Live accounts have been created, accounting for nearly 70% of all Xbox 360 consoles.

Microsoft announces XNA 2.0

Game consoles 2007: It's Nintendo's market to lose

Analyst Opinion - If you think about it, this will be a fascinating fourth quarter. Nintendo Wii, to pretty much the surprise of everyone, is the product to beat, Sony, the old champ, is on life support but getting a short term uplift, and last week even the Xbox Core unit (which has never sold well) sold very well.