Ratchet & Clank go gold on Playstation 3

The iconic Playstation duo are closer than ever to their PS3 launch, with the announcement that development of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is finished.

Harry Potter collection to be most decorated HD DVD/Blu-ray movie set

Hollywood (CA) - A box set slated for release just in time for Christmas will give HD viewers the first five Harry Potter movies at a high price - $150. Warner Bros, the last major supporter of both high definition formats, will release "Harry Potter: Years 1 - 5" on Blu-ray and HD DVD later this year.  It is poised to have one of the most impressive box art and bonus material packages in the HD disc market.

Samba De Amigo to shake up the Wii

The maraca-shaking game that became a cult hit during Sega's Dreamcast era is getting a revival on Nintendo's new console.

UPDATE: Halo 3 gamers going ballistic over scratched game discs

Chicago (IL) – Microsoft and Bungie pulled of what appears to be a successful launch of the third installment of Halo. However, by noon today, reports about scratched game discs were surfacing. Retailers confirmed the damaged DVDs to be a "known problem."    

Amazon opens DRM-free music store

Game Review - Halo 3 delivers

Game Review - There's no doubt about it; Halo 3 is one of the most fun, most addictive games to come out of Microsoft's first-party studios, and it completely lives up to its reputation as the reason for the Xbox 360's existence.

No red carpet, but plenty of people for LA Halo 3 launch

The launch of Halo 3 was a lot like a movie premier but with Master Chief as the main celebrity, no red carpet, and tons of media.

Halo 3 hype train kicks into overdrive

The build-up to Microsoft's heralded Xbox 360 shooter is almost unheard of, and by this time tomorrow gamers will finally have their retail copies of Halo 3.

Kingdom Hearts adventure to expand to DS, PSP, phones

Virgin America entertains passengers with music videos

Virgin America is adding music videos to it's in-flight entertainment program. Besides the already available 25 movies, satellite TV and 3000 MP3 files, Virgin and VH1 are now showing 50 music videos from artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, Coldwar Kids, John Legend and Lily Allen. " Soon guests will also be able to make music video playlists and preferences in-flight

Bungie says it tripled server capacity after Halo 3 beta

The company behind the development of Halo 3 said that after this summer's public beta it realized it needed three times more capacity than it initially had.

Sega predicts Mario & Sonic Olympics will sell four million copies

Sega has announced that it plans for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games to be one of its top sellers over the next year.

Entire Halo 3 game illegally uploaded online

The anticipated Xbox 360 shooter has found its way to numerous file-sharing sites after at least one person illegally uploaded the entire game to the Web.

Nintendo announces game to teach wine etiquette

Nintendo DS owners who have always wondered about the proper way to drink Chateau Margaux will soon be able to receive a lesson on the subject with a new game announced by Square Enix.

Bomberman to explode on Wii, PSP, DS

A new entry in the iconic party game is heading to the Wii, PSP, and DS next year.

Halo 2 remains most popular Xbox Live title

Despite a new console and several hyped online games over the past two years, the original Xbox's Halo 2 has held its spot as the most played online game on Xbox Live.

Playstation 3 expands with PSP and PC functionality

Sony today announced details about enhancements it will bring to the PS3 to allow users more remote access from their PSP and PC systems.

Playstation 3 Home pushed back to 2008

Sony's ambitious virtual world for its PS3 console has been pushed back by at least several months to "meet the needs" of users.

Sony delays launch of 'Home' virtual world for PlayStation 3

Dirt is just what the Playstation 3 needs

Opinion – I have been criticizing Sony for its PS3 strategy and game publishers for their PS3 game strategy pretty much since the console was released almost 10 months ago – despite the fact that I always felt that it is the console with the most potential out there. If you don't believe me, have a look at Dirt. It is the best sign yet that there is hope for the PS3.