Valve releases update for Orange Box 360

Warhammer PSP demo goes live

Opinion - Playstation 3 worries about innovation to sacrifice quality

Opinion – Sony has really tried to improve the gaming experience with the PS3 through new and innovative technologies, but unfortunately this mindset has led to a decrease in the number of quality games.  We take a look at what has worked and what hasn't for the PS3's innagural 11 months.

Gran Turismo 5 players to have access to Top Gear TV show

Sony has struck a deal with the car-centric TV show Top Gear and BBC Worldwide to bring exclusive material to the anticipating PS3 racing game Gran Turismo 5.

MySpace to add casual games channel in 2008

Judge Judy berates World of Warcraft player

You know World of Warcraft has hit the main stream when television legal eagle Judge Judy hears a case about the popular game.  But while many of the people in her courtroom knew about the game, the Judge, and her bailiff, had no clue the game existed.

Ratchet & Clank PS3 game ships with game save glitch

The most anticipated platformer title for the Playstation 3 to date has a glitch that could prevent some users from creating a save file for the game.

Guitar Hero gets distinction in iTunes

The Guitar Hero video game series has been instrumental in breathing more life into classic rock, and as such it is now part of a features collection on iTunes.

Review - PS3 "Eye" sees world of possibilities

Game Review - Even though Eye of Judgment is nothing more than a glorified tech demo, it provides one of the most intriguing console game experiences to date.

Microsoft adds 100+ TV shows to Xbox Live Video Marketplace

After several months of scant updates to the Xbox 360's video download store, Microsoft announced today it has increased its selection with more than 100 new shows.

Xbox 360 casual gaming hardware bundle is official

Though it is no surprise to eagle-eyed Xbox followers, Microsoft today officially announced the availability of a new low-cost Xbox 360 bundle targeted at casual gamers.

Transformers sets new HD video sales record

Transformers has become the best-selling high definition video title (that is available on a single format) within the first week of its launch, Paramount Home Entertainment announced.

Feel shotgun blasts with TN Games 3rd Space Vest

A new gaming vest promises to help gamers feel every brutal punch, stab and even square-in-the-chest shotgun blasts.  The “3rd Space” vest from TN Games reproduces impact with eight air pouches that inflate rapidly thanks to an external air compressor.  Pressure can be varied simulate everything from a simple tap on the shoulder to a baseball bat to the chest.

White Noise sequel goes directly to HD DVD

Universal will skip a theatrical release for White Noise: The Light and instead bring it directly to DVD and HD DVD early next year.

Xbox to get an integrated HD DVD drive?

Robbie Bach: New Xbox 360 geared towards casual gamers

A fifth active SKU (stock keeping unit) of the Xbox 360 is on its way, this time targeting the non-enthusiast crowd, according to Xbox chief Robbie Bach.

Ratchet & Clank PS3 gets pushed up a week

In a rare occurrence in the video game world, Sony has announced stores will begin selling the new Ratchet & Clank game a week ahead of the scheduled release date.

Xbox 360 sales dominate September figures

For the first time all year, Nintendo's Wii console was not the top-selling system last month, thanks to a little game called Halo 3.

Flight sim fans drool over Multi Function Panels from CH Products

Los Angeles (CA) – Serious flight simulator fanatics usually plunk down hundreds, even thousands of dollars for custom flight controls, but CH Products wants to change all that with its Multi Function Panels.  The USB device allows owners to mount buttons onto printed templates and crazy gamers can install up to 16 panels on their computers.

E for All Expo is a ghost town

Getting a front row parking space is a minor miracle at most convention centers, but that just isn’t possible at the Los Angeles Convention Center… or is it?  We’re just finishing up the first day at the new E for All game expo and this place is just a ghost town.