Wii regains sales lead in October

Halo 3 gave the Xbox 360 a huge spike in September, but last month the Wii took its place back as the top-selling console in the US.

Harmonix announces downloadable Rock Band song expansions

Harmonix's much talked about game Rock Band isn't even out yet, and already it is announcing additional tracks you'll be able to buy for $2 a pop.

Best Buy reportedly faking Wii shortages

Best Buy's latest tactic is apparently to announce the availability of "the last Wii" at multiple sporadic times throughout the day to create a false sense of limited supply.

Opinion: Beowulf in 3D is a feast for the eyes

Opinion - Director Robert Zemeckis has created a fantastic warrior epic that has vibrantly brought the old English poem of Beowulf to life. Complete with a golden fire breathing dragon, horrendous-looking monsters, and demigod hero, the movie is entertaining enough to keep you engaged for most of its duration.

Playstation 3 sales double thanks to price cut, new model

Over 100,000 PS3 consoles were sold in the US last week, thanks largely to the introduction of a lower-priced $400 version.

PS3 to play DivX

TV clips made available on Bebo

Playstation 3 rumble controller will work with PS2 rumble games

Sony has confirmed that its pending PS3 controller that brings back the rumble pack will be fully backwards compatible with compatible PS2 games.

Xbox games to be available through Xbox Live Marketplace

Timed to correspond with the five-year anniversary of Xbox Live, Microsoft has announced it will begin adding original Xbox titles to the Xbox 360's Live Marketplace for users to download to their hard drive.

Super Mario Galaxy is truly amazing

Game Review - The entire gaming community needs to give a standing ovation to Super Mario Galaxy for providing one of the most fantastic game experiences of all time. Check out Super Mario Galaxy

Crysis debuts

After several delays and a roadshow that has lasted more than 18 months gamers can now find out if Crytek’s first person shooter is as good as promised: Electronic Arts officially announced the game today.

Xbox Live Arcade game tally totals 100

Tomorrow's weekly addition to the Xbox Live Arcade will include the 100th casual game to be added to the service.

Analysis: How much further can the Wii go?

Since its launch almost one year ago, the Nintendo Wii has certainly been the big surprise among the three major game console contenders. As we approach the one-year anniversary, TG Daily game expert Mark Raby reviews what has made the Wii the success it is today and how much room there is for more in the future.

'Check Mii Out' channel comes to Wii on Sunday

Nintendo announced this week that it will launch a new Wii channel next week to allow users to share their "Mii" characters with others via the Internet.

Electronic Arts donates SimCity to OLPC and the world

Warner Brothers buys video game publisher

Mario and Sonic's first joint venture is great fun

Game Review - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is a dream come true for fans of the long-time mascot rivals, and it works as a solid collection of sports-based mini-games.

Spider-Man 3 sets record for Sony Blu-ray

Over 130,000 copies of Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray Disc were sold in its first week, marking a new record for a Sony Pictures title.

Trend Micro has antivirus for Playstation 3

Trend Micro's security software spans over a huge repertoire of operating systems and Internet browsers, and now it has become the first to bring similar Web safety tools to the PS3.

Sony pumps Playstation 3 firmware to version 2.0

Today marks one of the biggest updates yet for the PS3, bringing a handful of new features to the console.