Parappa the Rapper team to bring music game to Wii

The musician/artist pair who first introduced the world to Parappa the Rapper are now working on a new game designed exclusively for the Wii.

Universal sets music free on Imeem

Activision to replace Guitar Hero 3 Wii discs for free

Owners of the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 disappointed in the fact that it only provides mono output will be able to receive a new copy for free that contains stereo output.

Halo developer says it plans to stay devoted to Xbox

Despite recently severing its official ties to Microsoft, Halo developer Bungie said it has no plans to move on to any console other than the Xbox 360.

First third-party Wii sensor bar goes wireless

Relatively unknown tech manufacturer Blazepro has created a wireless sensor bar for the Nintendo Wii console, giving users the opportunity to ditch the unhealthily long cable that comes with the system.

ESRB responds to parental group's "C" rating

Entertainment Software Ratings Board president Patricia Vance has issued a response to a recently issued "report card" from the National Institute on Media and the Family, calling the rating "grossly misrepresented".

Universal says 30% of HD DVD users access Web content

Universal today released some facts on usage of special Web-enabled content that is available on several of its HD DVD movie titles.

Halo 3 at root of $5 million lawsuit

If Halo 3 has caused your Xbox 360 to crash, then you've experienced the complaint behind a new class-action lawsuit targeted at Microsoft and Bungie.

Mass resignations could happen at GameSpot

Report: Wii is most searched Christmas toy

The Nintendo Wii is the most sought after Christmas toy, at least in terms of Internet search requests, according to a new online metrics report.

Nintendo DS game claims to teach ambidexterity

Majesco Entertainment today announced the availability of Left Brain Right Brain, a new DS game that it says can help users become ambidextrous.

Wii shortage turns attention to Chinese "Vii"

Beijing (China) - China is known for creating pirated versions of DVDs and even video games, but now it is also the home of a cheap version of an entire gaming console. James Wong takes the credit for inventing the strikingly similar-looking Wii clone.  In addition to making the console look very realistic, Wong has created a "Vii" remote that also mimics its Wii counterpart.

Xbox 360 firmware update goes live

The Xbox 360's fall Dashboard update is now available, highlighting the new ability to download original Xbox games.

Super Smash Bros Brawl online play detailed

Nintendo today detailed how online multiplayer will work with the upcoming Wii game Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Microsoft slashes prices on some Xbox Live Arcade titles

Microsoft today announced that it has cut prices on five of the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade games.

Sony details video downloads for Playstation 3

Sony will begin offering an on-demand video service for the PS3 next year.

To be profitable, PS3 Metal Gear Solid needs one million sales in 24 hours

Konami recently said in an interview that for its Playstation 3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 to be worth the investment, it needs to sell one million copies in the first day.

Researchers say violent video games and television almost as bad as smoking

Researchers from the University of Michigan have completed a landmark study which compares violent video games and television footage against other health risks like smoking and AIDS.  L. Rowell Huesmann and Brad Bushman combed through previous research dating back to the 1960s and claim that violent content is almost as bad as smoking.

Greenpeace: "Wii" disapprove of Nintendo

Manchester (England) - Environmental agency Greenpeace isn't sharing in the fun of the innovative Wii console, and instead is blaming the console's maker Nintendo of not having "any environmental credentials."

In Europe, Blu-ray takes in 73% of HD movie sales

Over one million Blu-ray movies have been sold in Europe, accounting for nearly three-fourths of all high-def discs in the overseas continent.